Have you been crying lately? Happy Scorpio season.


Raleigh Hutchison

On Oct. 23 the sun moved from Libra to Scorpio, bringing an intensely emotional energy to the world. As a water sign, Scorpios are like the ocean. Their depth makes Scorpios’ emotions rise and crash like waves.

While the sun is in Scorpio, this intensity affects everyone.

Mars and Pluto rule the sign of Scorpio. As the planet of action and desire, refinery29 claims that Mars affects communication, aggression and assertion. Scorpios may struggle to communicate their honest thoughts or communicate overtly.

Pluto is the planet of destruction. AstrologyCafe claims that through the destructive nature of the planet, Pluto also represents rebirth and renewal. These planets joining to rule Scorpio brings intense release, destruction and beginning.

Last week, Nov. 4, was a new moon in Scorpio. The double presence of this sign brings an uproaring desire to start something new. Imagine the ocean rushing over the past and creating a fertile soil for new manifestations.

Scorpios are known for their intensity. According to cafeastrology, they’re recognized for their willpower like a river carving through the terrain.

Scorpio is represented by three archetypes: the scorpion, eagle and phoenix. The scorpion represents humanness through their proximity to the ground and the survival mindset. Scorpions often symbolize destruction and toxicity. If you’re feeling hurt or overthinking this month, this may be why.

The eagle archetype represents upleveling, perspective and courage. In a time of new beginnings, one identifying with the eagle archetype may be more likely to feel empowered in starting that new endeavour. In ancient Native American tradition, the eagle is believed to be the messenger between earth and heaven. This Scorpio season could bring a greater sense of intuition.

Finally, the phoenix archetype represents change and resurrection. If you’ve been struggling with the loss of someone or a version of yourself, Scorpio season is giving you the opportunity to become reborn.

Identifying with one of these archetypes will help you understand what your current reactions and emotions are telling you, but it won’t be beneficial to bargain on one symbol. The fluidity and mystery of scorpio season proves that change is the only thing we can count on.

This energy will remain potent until Nov. 22. Staying afloat in Scorpio season takes patience and reflection. With the sense of new beginnings, allow yourself to imagine where you want to be at the end of the semester. Create your game plan to utilize the fluidity of Scorpio season while remaining grateful for the mystery.