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Medical marijuana in Milledgeville

Marijuana plant

Milledgeville might be expecting a new medical marijuana-growing facility if the request to rezone a property is granted. The facility is set to be built at Heritage Park, which is across the street from the local Walmart. On March 26, the general manager of Treevana Wellness, Jim Frazier, presented an overview of the plans to the Milledgeville City Council with hopes of their approval.

Treevana Wellness is a state-licensed medical cannabis manufacturer, and the implementation of this company will provide well-paying jobs for 30-50 individuals. 

A medical marijuana facility requires top security measures, both on-site and on the transportation of the product, which will be included in the development of this new facility.  

“I think the results people have seen from using medical marijuana show that it is more than useful in the medical community,” said Ginger Howard-Grant, a sophomore nursing major. “I have seen a video or two that shows a patient before and after the use of medical marijuana, and the effects are amazing. It even eliminated a patient’s tremors.”

According to Mayo Clinic, medical marijuana is the derivative of the cannabis sativa plant that is used to ease symptoms caused by certain medical conditions. A medical marijuana-growing facility is a way to ensure safe and legal access to medical cannabis through dispensary systems. California was the first state to pass medical marijuana laws in 1996, and now 38 states have passed similar legislation.

There is plenty of controversy regarding marijuana, including legalizing the drug in the United States. Although a few states have legalized marijuana, it is important to note the differences between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. 

According to Malie Cannabis Clinic, the differences between recreational and medical marijuana are cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as CBD and THC. The amount of THC in recreational is higher than the amount in medicinal. CBD is the part of the plant that relieves medically related pain.

“I believe that when used responsibly, medical marijuana has the potential to enhance the quality of life for many patients and can offer significant relief for many health conditions,” said Gianna Verde, a senior marketing major. “For a lot of people, the benefits of medical marijuana are worth it despite the risks and side effects. It just comes down to proper instruction and finding what works best for each person.” 

The side effects of medical marijuana have been a primary concern in its rise. The main side effects include dizziness, memory fog, nausea, dry mouth, withdrawal and many others.

“I think the benefits of medical marijuana outweigh the side effects,” said Angela Shelton, a junior management major. “All medicines have side effects that need to be worked around. If someone does experience dangerous symptoms, alternative medications can be attempted to be found. Those who do not experience those risks would ultimately be helped more than harmed.”

If the facility zone gets approved, it will be a suitable place to work in Milledgeville for individuals who pass the security background check. The medical marijuana facility can add a unique new level of development for Baldwin County and can provide new opportunities for further growth in the future.

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