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Coachella season is here

Julia Jensen | Art Director

Coachella season is finally here, and the usual influx of TikTok celebrities trying on desert rave outfits is in full swing as they prepare for the sick 2024 performer lineup. Artists like Sabrina Carpenter, Tyler, The Creator and Reneé Rapp are all performing this year as well as some growing artists, like Chappell Roan, and I absolutely love it. 

One creator took to TikTok about their rage that Carpenter and Roan’s sets were too close together on different stages, causing their fan bases, which often overlap, to miss important parts of each performance. 

Friday’s headliner was Lana Del Rey. The last time Rey performed at Coachella was a decade ago, in 2014, right before she released her third studio album, “Ultraviolence.” Since 2014, she has released six more albums. Fans were ecstatic to see how her performance this year differed from 2014.

This is Rapp, Carpenter and Roan’s first time performing at Coachella after their high rise the past couple of years. 

I have loved Sabrina Carpenter since her “Girl Meets World” days on Disney Channel. I think her first album, “Eyes Wide Open,” is so underrated. Although Carpenter has publicly said that she does not like her early work, I will continue to listen to “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying” for the rest of my days.

Carpenter’s performance lived up to expectations, as she sang and danced her way through as beautifully as always and rocked a “Jesus was a Carpenter” T-shirt in the later part of her set, poking fun at her response to the drama started after the filming of her “Feather” music video. 

My discovery of Roan and Rapp, however, was more recent. I started listening to a couple of songs of Roan’s right before I bought tickets to Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS Tour, and then, when I saw she was my opener, started listening to her more. She immediately became a new favorite artist for me. Rapp was introduced to me by my best friend, editor in chief Kate Verity. Her album, “Snow Angel,” is sonically astounding, and anytime I hear her sing live, I am blown away by the pure talent. I want to see her live so badly that it is ridiculous.

A user on TikTok said that Roan had one of the best performances of the entire festival. The user praised Roan’s vocals, stage presence and overall natural talent. Roan is genuinely a force to be reckoned with. This TikTok comment section was flooded with a new name for 2024 Coachella: “Chappella.”

Coachella 2024 had some pretty notable guest stars! Olivia Rodrigo came to perform with No Doubt. A Gwen Stefani and OROD team-up was not on my bingo card, but it is pretty amazing. Rodrigo took to Instagram, saying that singing with No Doubt was such an honor. She also shared a video of her and Stefani sharing a hug before walking into the wings. 

Another breathtaking duo that hit the first weekend of Coachella took place during Rey’s set when she was joined by Billie Eilish, and the two could not have been more complementary of each other.

“That’s the voice of our generation — the voice of our generation,” Rey said. “I’m so f****** grateful she’s standing next to me right now, singing my favorite song of hers.” 

Eilish responded with the same love.

“This is the reason for half of you b*****s’ existence, including mine,” Eilish said. 

Kesha also made a surprise appearance during Rapp’s performance. They sang Kesha’s 2010 hit “TiK ToK” together after Rapp introduced her as the hottest person on Earth. 

Coachella, to me, is about these artists taking time to support each other. I think it is so amazing that artists as successful as these are so comfortable accrediting their careers to the people who inspired them. It is such a beautiful thing to see, and I think that it makes the music festival experience more special. 

In Isis Naija Gaston’s, better known as Ice Spice, Coachella set, she sang her part of Taylor Swift’s “Karma,” and Spice took the time to shout out her friend, who was in the audience with boyfriend Travis Kelce. 

“Shout out to Taylor motherf****n’ Swift!” Spice said. “I love you, and I love ‘Karma’ too, b****.”

This Coachella weekend is going to be hard to top, but luckily, there is a week for everyone to prepare before round two. 

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