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Olivia Rodrigo’s concert contraceptives “Funding abortion? It’s a good idea, right?”

Kylie Rowe | Asst. A&L Editor
Guts Concert

Olivia Rodrigo has been in the headlines of many news outlets, as fans have been posting photos of emergency contraceptives being distributed at Rodrigo’s concerts with a card stating, “Funding abortion? It’s a good idea, right?”

After only being distributed at a few stops, Rodrigo’s team discontinued the passing out of free contraceptives, stating they were concerned about the messaging with children being present at the concerts. 

“I think Olivia is doing great work,” said Chloe Hooper, a senior psychology major. “It is so important to educate young girls about their healthcare rights, and by being outspoken and active, she is giving them an opportunity to learn. More celebrities should use their platform to actually do things instead of just talking.”

The local abortion rights groups responsible for passing out the packages are still allowed to be present at future tour dates, as planned, but will only be allowed to hand out information and materials such as T-shirts, hats, and stickers. 

“While we are disappointed to learn that other abortion funds will not get the same opportunity to do the same, we are encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response,” said Robin Frisella, the Missouri Abortion Fund’s community engagement director.

The singer and her team have not spoken out about the situation since the decision to stop handing out the actual contraceptives was made earlier this month. It has been made clear that information will still be available, and proceeds from the concerts will be donated to help with abortion access. This has continued to be a prominent topic in many news outlets and on social media, with fans being very split on the issue.

“There is something really positive about a 16- or 15-year-old having a Plan B and a few condoms in her dresser to use as she needs it,” said Destini Spaeth of the Prairie Abortion Fund in Minnesota. “Sex and sexual health tools — whether that be abortion, Plan B, condoms — are villainized because you’re [seen as being] promiscuous. If the kids aren’t getting the education that they need in school, at least they can rely on reproductive health organizations in their communities to get that information and resources to them.”

Many people took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to express their frustration with Rodrigo saying this is not the artist they want young girls looking up to or attending her concerts, which one user referred to as “one big abortion fundraiser.”

“A lot of people disagree with the whole idea of abortion, and I think that it can be taken out of hand, and it could get her into some trouble and could kind of affect her fan base, in a way,” said Sarah Ramsey, a junior nursing major.  “She could be doing it better just by, like, posting stuff or really, like, being active about it on social media, about movements and how to fundraise and stuff like that.”

Even though many negative responses have been received, fans have also been applauding the star, calling the young star the new campaigner of abortion rights and reproductive health freedoms. 

“I believe I think, overall, her spreading awareness for contraceptive use and sexual health is a good thing for our society, with her having a lot of younger girls look up to her, but I believe she’s going about it the wrong way,” Ramsey said.
The star, while not formally talking about the issues that are raised in Missouri, has continued to be active on social media and express her want to educate her fans and help abortion accessibility wherever she can.

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