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Delaney’s Blackbird Coffee Compilation

Isabella McConnis | Digital Media Editor
Isabella McConnis | Digital Media Editor

Most coffee connoisseurs have their favorite shop. It is a place they go to sip back and relax (pun intended). One of my favorite coffee spots in Milledgeville has to be Blackbird Coffee. Blackbird is a wondrous coffee emporium right in our very own downtown Milledgeville. Most days, I take a straight path to Blackbird from campus after class to get on both the homework grind and coffee grind and order up a nice cup of joe to get those caffeine jitters. Coffee is the only thing that gets me through the chaos of everyday life.

I have yet to try every drink on Blackbird’s menu because, to be honest, that would take a great deal of time and money, and of those things, I have neither. I am also a creature of habit, so I do not often stray from what I know I already enjoy. What can I say? I like what I like. Altogether, from everything I have tried at Blackbird, here is a compilation of my top-rated beverages from this cool and captivating cafe.

My number one and go-to coffee order is an iced caramel latte, but Blackbird has a specialty that is slightly different. The vanilla caramel latte is a smart choice, at least for me, when it is hard to decide what you want. I so enjoy slurping up a nice big cup of an iced vanilla caramel latte while grinding out a paper or other homework. However, I ask for it with light cream because I am not partial to a lot of cream or sugar in my coffee. I think it masks the rich flavor of a good cup of coffee. 

On the topic of luscious lattes, the creme brulee latte is another one of my favorites as well as an iconic Blackbird staple on its specialty menu. 

“My favorite is the creme brulee latte,” said Harper Mason, a junior English major. “It’s not too sweet or too bitter. It’s a good in-between.” 

I wholeheartedly agree. The creme brulee is a very popular coffee from Blackbird. The name makes it sound like it is really sweet, but it is actually a great blend of both sweetness and bitterness. It has a great flavor but also a great coffee taste that I look for in a good cup. 

I am a latte lover, and the specialty white mocha latte from Blackbird is another go-to for me. I like this delicious drink both hot and cold. I love when it is a warm, sunny day, and I can make a stop at Blackbird for an iced white mocha, but I also love when it is a chilly fall day, and I stop for a moment to sip on a hot white mocha. It is a universal coffee that I enjoy in any season. 

Last year, over the holidays, I tried their cinnamon roll latte holiday drink, and it has to be one of my top all-time favorites. I am not partial to cinnamon, but Blackbird’s mix of cinnamon and coffee is an impeccable flavor. 

It is one I wish to order again and again, but alas, it is no longer the holiday season, so I must move on to other tastes. I have heard of other cinnamon-inspired coffees that they make as well, so their cinnamon coffee options are still under my investigation.

The next and final favorite on my main menu is a simple pour-over. I love a good pour-over, especially a dark roast, which really is the only way to go, and Blackbird always has good pour-overs. 

“Right now, we just switched to Brazilian beans, and I’ve been drinking Brazilian pour-overs,” said Elias Bennett, a barista at Blackbird. “They are dark roast, and they’re really smooth with a really good flavor.” 

I, of course, had to try this roast for myself because the description was just too convincing, although I am easily convinced when it comes to coffee. I will say the description was in no sense inaccurate. I completely agree and can attest that a simple pour-over, Brazilian style, with room for cream (we are not animals here) is one of my main preferences when going to Blackbird. It was so unbelievably smooth, and I do mean that with full dramatic effect. Not only was the taste great, but the smell was wonderful as well. I could sit and sip and breathe in that dark, rich scent all day long. It is simply the best. 

I am very particular about my coffee and enjoy various different kinds, but this is a compilation of my favorite ones from Blackbird that I have tried so far. I truly do look forward to spending ludicrous amounts of money on many more cups of these delectable drinks. 

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