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Megan Thee Stallion & Nicki Minaj: A lyrical cat fight


Rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s single “Hiss” is climbing the charts in the wake of allegations from Nicki Minaj claiming Megan is dissing her in the song. 

Celebrities alluded to on the track include Kris Jenner and Mariah Carey. The song, allegedly, is also aimed at Drake and R. Kelly as well as Megan’s ex-boyfriend, Tory Lanez, and Minaj. However, Minaj has been the only one to respond, by releasing a single titled “Big Foot” in response to Megan’s track. Minaj has threatened to continue releasing tracks aiming to tarnish Megan’s reputation until she apologizes for “Hiss” — even though Minaj is never named in the track. 

“I am Team Megan,” said Emely Perez, a junior nursing major.

A lyric that fans think could be aimed at Minaj is “These h*** don’t be mad at Megan; these h*** mad at Megan’s Law.” For context, Megan’s Law is a federal law that states that registered sex offenders’ information must be made public. Named after 7-year-old Megan Kanka who was raped and killed in California in 1994 by Kanka’s family’s neighbor. The family claimed they would have never let their daughter cross the street alone to their neighbor’s house if they had known he was a convicted sex offender. 

Minaj’s Husband, Kenneth Perry, is a registered sex offender in the state of California. He was convicted and served four years in prison before being let out on parole. 

Another lyric that could be targeted towards Minaj is “I can never be judged by a b**** that was dancin’, makin’ R. Kelly go viral.” According to fans, this possibly refers to Minaj’s song “Up in Flames,” which features the line “R. Kelly couldn’t touch the kid,” referring to allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor against Kelly. However, in both of these examples, Minaj is never directly mentioned. 

Three days after “Hiss” was released, Minaj dropped “Big Foot,” a blatant diss track against Megan. Even the title appears to be a diss, poking fun at Megan, who is 5’10,’’ and an incident in which she claims her ex-boyfriend, Lanez, shot her in the foot during an argument. Minaj claims Megan lied, with the lyric “Swearin’ on your dead mother when you lie.” She continues, with the lyric “F*** you get shot with no scar?” She delivers plenty more accusations against Megan, including Minaj stating Megan slept with her best friend’s boyfriend. 

“I feel like Nicki is starting stuff for no reason,” said Brinkley Bolton, a junior chemistry major. “I personally side with Megan.” 

When a snake feel like you’ve been playing and, like, doing a whole bunch of swaying, it’s basically telling you to back off,” Megan said when asked about the track in an interview earlier this month. “I hear you. I see you. Get up off me now.”

Megan has yet to publicly respond to “Big Foot,” only posting an Instagram story of her laughing after Minaj had released a snippet of the track before releasing it a couple of days later. 

Minaj has promised to continue releasing diss tracks about Megan, claiming she has five already recorded and ready to release, with the intent of destroying Megan’s reputation if Megan does not apologize for the original track. 

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