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Coffee or tea: a curious character complex


Did you know that your beverage of choice can have a lot to do with who you are as a person? There are two types of people in this world. You are either a coffee person or a tea person, and apparently, it has a lot to do with your personality.

People may like both coffee and tea, but most people have a favorite and find that one outshines the other when making a choice between these two delectable drinks. Whichever the choice, people are very passionate about which one they prefer.

“Coffee is my first love,” said Rachel Myers, a sophomore marketing major. “It makes me feel like I can get things done because I am a procrastinator, but with coffee, I feel more motivated to be productive.”

According to Reputation Today magazine, coffee drinkers are often more introverted and are comfortable in their own company. They interact with the world very differently from tea drinkers because they prefer a slower-paced life and do not mind being alone. These coffee cravers like their space and being independent. They need the coffee intake to keep them moving because they love a relaxed and slower environment and need that boost to get themselves in gear.

For me, I am a coffee person through and through. I enjoy my daily coffee more than most things and look forward to that dark, bitter liquid every morning. It helps get me through my day. I enjoy living a slow-paced life, but with my schedule, I would never get anything done without that fresh cup of joe. I see it connect with my personality in that I love to be around people, but I am content on being on my own. I do enjoy my own company and prefer a laid-back life.

There are the java junkies, who love to sit and sip and be in their own company, and then there are the tea enthusiasts, who are extroverted and like to constantly be in motion.

“I am a tea person,” said Maddie Marx, a sophomore special education major. “There is a tea that can help with your voice, and since I sing, it helps soothe my throat before I go on stage.”

Tea people are not afraid of the spotlight. They see life as their stage. They enjoy the hustle and bustle of daily life and cannot sit still most of the time. They tend to enjoy the finer things in life, unlike coffee drinkers, who are more result-driven and need that extra kick in order to seek their success. Tea drinkers are more about the journey rather than the outcome.

According to Bustle magazine, a psychologist at the Military Nutrition Division of the United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine says that coffee drinkers are more vigilant and focused than tea drinkers.

The attentiveness of those who are coffee-crazed could be due to all the caffeine, but whatever the case, it is understood that they are more driven than the average tea connoisseur.

The divide between coffee people and tea people is a curious character complex. Of course, this idea is not perfectly accurate. There are variables that may not go exactly with your personality. However, it is interesting to see how the things we enjoy are so seemingly irrelevant, but when looked at more closely, can bring us together and explain certain behaviors.

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