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Downtown Milledgeville needs an ice cream shop

Julia Jensen

Downtown Milledgeville has done a great deal of growing over the past few years. For instance, recent valuable additions to the downtown scene include JK Korean BBQ, which offers a full buffet of authentic Korean food, and Dungeons and Daiquiris, a more tranquil bar where one can eat good American food and play poker and video games with friends. 

However, there exists a great confectionary void in downtown Milledgeville. Drunken college students, leaving the downtown bars after a long night, are dismayed to find that there exists no ice cream shop, pastry place or restaurant that sells both of these things and remains open into the wee hours of the night. 

The fact that the nearest dessert to downtown past the hours of 9 p.m. requires a drive to far away Cook Out, McDonald’s or Freddy’s is both a travesty as well as an un utilized opportunity for a daring venture capitalist to make serious bank. A dessert place is desperately needed as the “cherry on top” for a serious upgrade to the nightlife Milledgeville has to offer. 

Having a dessert place downtown would improve the dating scene, as you and your significant other, or the confusing in between “not dating but basically are”, could grab a sweet treat after a good meal at one of the many amazing restaurants downtown has to offer. 

This dessert place would also serve as a centerpiece in the drunken lore of many friend groups who take downtown on and a great place to unwind from a long night of raging with friends before retiring for the night.

Not only would this greatly benefit downtown-goers themselves but would also serve as a potentially lucrative project for whoever decides to undertake it. The captive audience the hustle and bustle downtown brings to this part of Central Georgia is not to be underestimated, as it leaves one with a large body of paying customers

New experimental restaurants have fared quite well downtown. Milly Grub, which no longer exists, was founded by two business students at GC, and it became profitable very quickly just by offering pretty bland, basic food till 3 a.m.. Similarly, Dungeons and Daiquiris, a gaming tavern that is not typically seen in the region we live in, has also seen great success. 

As a result of both the improvement a dessert shop would bring to the downtown scene and its great potential for profitability, it is baffling that this idea has not been done already. 

Milledgeville already has the iconic bars, amazing food and old-city street vibe that put it up there as one of the greatest complementary scenes to GC’s beautiful antebellum campus. 

I dream of the day that I leave a restaurant in downtown Milledgeville and go get a sweet treat without having to get in my car and drive. When that day comes, and someone gets stupid rich off of making this dream a reality, just remember that you heard it here first. 


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