Biden’s State of the Union Address


President Biden at his State of the Union Address Feb. 7.

Lily Pruitt, Asst. News Editor

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, President Joe Biden gave his State of the Union address. Biden chose to focus on the economy, what he has accomplished and future initiatives. Some main focuses were economic achievements, assault weapons and unemployment. Biden gave several facts along with these points that created several moments of backlash. 

“Liar!” said Representative of Georgia’s 14th Congressional District Marjorie Taylor Greene after Biden called out some Republicans for their beliefs on Medicare and Social Security. 

Several of these uproars caused House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to be seen mouthing the word “hush.” 

Many of these uproars came because of Biden’s statistics that he continued to repeat and stand by. Biden claimed that 12 million new jobs have been created since he took office, more than 70,000 Americans per year have died from fentanyl and several others. These have created a lot of controversy, as many claim that these statistics are wrong and Biden’s fault. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there have only been 2.7 million new jobs, which is about 9 million less than Biden claimed during the State of the Union. 

Many Americans are blaming the fentanyl crisis on Biden’s decision to open the border. Although these seem like the most controversial topics that were discussed, nothing compares to the banning of assault weapons. 

“Ban assault weapons now,” Biden said. “Ban them now, once and for all.” 

Biden failed to elaborate on this issue, but it caused the most uproar in the House chamber. It was obvious that the Democrats were on the side of banning them, considering Biden continued to use “we” when referring to the Democrats and “you” when referring to the Republicans. 

Many GC students did not view the State of the Union address, as they were either too busy or did not care.

“I did not watch the State of the Union, because I am tired of the political atmosphere,” said senior criminal justice major Conner King.

“I did not, because I truly do not care about politics anymore,” said an anonymous GC student. “We are too divided, and it is sad.”

Other GC students felt that the State of the Union was a joke and ridiculous to watch.

“I think it is funny, all the shade being thrown around, because it is like a reality TV show, but it is just our government,” said senior criminal justice major Rhianna Vidrine. 

While they may choose to side with one party or another, several GC students agree that no politician should have called out another.

“It is the status quo that you do not do anything during someone’s speech,” said Vidrine.

“I do not think it was right on either side, but especially for Biden, to call out anyone, because he referred to the Democrats as ‘we,’” said senior criminal justice major Sydney Wilson. “He just kept looking down on the Republicans.”

There have been many outrages by young Americans in the days following the State of the Union. Many have claimed that they have economic concerns and choose not to stand with Biden because of it. They are worried about the debt that the new generation will soon have to take over. With prices soaring, many GC students seem to feel the same way. 

“He excluded college kids, which are a lot of the people that do vote,” Wilson said. 

The State of the Union caused a lot more controversy between topics that were already controversial enough. It seems to have further divided the two parties, and GC students seem to want nothing to do with it.