Student Spotlight: Andalusia

Jennifer Crider, Arts & Life Editor

The Milledgeville-based band Andalusia played a couch concert with WGUR 95.3 The Noise on Feb. 8. This alternative rock jam band is composed of five GC students that share a passion for music. 

The band’s name symbolizes their Milledgeville roots, as it is a reference to the home of the famous Milledgeville writer Flannery O’Connor. Similar to other famous musicians and poets, they are inspired and intrigued by the darkness of O’Connor’s writing. 

Earlier this year, a Milledgeville-based band broke up, but a few of the remaining members wanted to continue playing music. Thus, Andalusia was born.  

“Highspeed Dream broke up, and me and John [singer and guitar player] wanted to keep playing, so we met up with other musicians that were still here,” said Mason Wiley, drum player and sophomore mass communication major. 

Erik Wolstenholme, guitar player and junior environmental science major, also joined Andalusia after leaving another Milledgeville-based band. 

“Andrew Bates [the bass player] asked me to play guitar for a few shows with them in Highspeed Dream,” Wilstonhome said. “I used to play with Subject to Change. I left that and started playing with them, and now, we are here.”

Zeke Nichols, keyboard player and freshman, found the band shortly after he began his educational career at GC. 

“I was in a band before, Little Gracie, in Savannah, Georgia, and then, I moved out to college,” Nichols said. “I talked to some friends around, and they were like, ‘You should play with these guys.’ I showed up to Andrew’s house, and we just kicked it off from there.”

The band’s electric stage presence and unique ability to put a modern spin on classic songs has made them a staple in the small-yet-blossoming Milledgeville music scene. Since the band was created, they have performed in local venues, such as Buffington’s and the Velvet Elvis. 

“I liked playing in Velvet Elvis. We had people dancing, and they were just into it,” Nichols said. “They were just moving. When you see that movement and people feel connected to what you’re playing, it just boosts you and pushes you to a whole ‘nother level.” 

Even though Milledgeville holds a special place in their heart, the group all expressed that their favorite memories are from shows in Athens. 

“There’s more energy in Athens,” Nichols said. “You can just show up somewhere, and the energy is already there. You don’t have to make any of it. It’s just consistent.” 

Although Andalusia is a fairly new band, as their first show was in December 2022, they have exciting plans for the future. On March 3, the band will be performing at WGUR’s Sounds of the South music festival in downtown Milledgeville. They will also be playing at Battle of the Bands  during GC Homecoming week, as well as the County Line Music Festival on April 1.