Baddies Be Ballin’ attracts large fan base


Kylie Rowe

Baddies Be Ballin’ after one of their games

Kylie Rowe, Contributing Writer

Intramurals at GC have long been one of our students’ favorite ways to make the most of their college experience, and this all-women basketball team is proving that you do not even have to play to enjoy the fun.  

The Baddies Be Ballin’ team was created in the spring of 2022 by team captain Bailey Parker, a sophomore English major, who said the driving force for starting the team was to make more friends. Her intention was to become closer friends with her teammates, but others started showing up to games, and soon thereafter, the stands at the GC Wellness and Recreation Center started filling up.  

The team is made up of a group of close friends, most of whom have never played basketball in any other capacity, that just wanted to spend their nights on a court, having fun. They make the most of the intramural experience and go above and beyond in every aspect,and people off the court also started to notice.  

 At one of the Baddie’s recent games, they had over 50 people cheering for them. Their fans are not only great in number, but have been described as “electric” by the Wellness and Recreation Instagram page. 

Alyssa Baker, a two-season Baddies fan and sophomore business management major, said the Baddies fans are “always showing up and showing out” for the games.  

 Even when most fans would be distraught, the Baddies fans are going strong. Bailey remembers their first game, when they were losing by over 60 points with five minutes left, and the fans started chanting for the referees to let the team play. 

Both teams agreed, and they were allowed to finish the game. Bailey recalls this moment as a “special moment where [she] felt the love of her friends for a team that is famous for losing.”  

 The Baddies also have an Instagram page where they share game highlights, player profiles, satirical fan encounters and other funny content. On top of this, some dedicated fans have started to live stream and commentate each game so that those that cannot make it to the game can still be involved.  

Baddies coach Peyton Cusick, a sophomore computer science major, says that “the team is really all [she] could ask for, they support each other through everything, lift each other up and, most importantly, always have fun on the court.” 

In both seasons that the Baddies have played, they have had matching jerseys made by their resident graphic design major, Grace Arnold. She has used paint and vinyl to make shirts and bows for the team so that they can always look their best during their games.  

It is because of the team uniforms, their energy and their fans that the basketball Baddies will go down in intramural history.  

 Bailey also would like to say, “Thank you,” to all of her teammates for being awesome, the GC Wellness and Recreation Center for being good sports when the fans boo their calls, the fans for making the experience what it is and finally, “Go Bobcats! Go Baddies!”