LeBron James makes history once again


Drew Bogumill, Staff Writer

On Feb. 7, LeBron James etched his name into the history books once again, breaking the record for the most regular-season points in NBA history. 

James is easily one of the best to ever touch a basketball. He has won multiple MVP awards, including the postseason. 

He has been an All-Star in all but one season in his entire 20-year career. He has also averaged over 25 points, seven boards and seven assists in his career. 

Passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s regular-season points record was arguably the only stone left to turn for James. The world had been watching to see if James could pass the record for years, and the time finally came for him. 

The Lakers, led by superstar James, faced off against the Oklahoma City Thunder in a home game on Tuesday, Feb. 7. All eyes were on James, as he was expected to make history. 

James previously set the record for most total points, both regular-season and playoffs, back in February, and on Jan. 16, he became only the second player in the history of the NBA to score 38,000 regular-season points.  

James entered the game only 36 points away from passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s long standing record of 38,387 regular-season points. Kareem had maintained this scoring record for 39 years, setting it back in 1984. 

James had scored 36 points or more nine times out of his 43 appearances this season, most recently during a 41-point showing against the Celtics on Jan. 28. 

 In order to break this record, James has had to have an amazing season thus far. According to “Lineups,” James has an overall rating of 97 for the 2023 season, including the No. 1 power ranking for all small forwards across the league.  

The talk about who the GOAT is between Michael Jordan and LeBron James is a debate as old as time, but it is now starting to come back into the spotlight. 

James now has the all-time scoring record to go along with his four NBA championships, four MVPs and 10 Finals appearances. 

 In comparison, Jordan has six NBA championships, five regular season MVPs, and six Finals MVPs, not to mention two separate three-peats. 

 Sophomore business major Payne Wilson believes this cements LeBron as the greatest basketball player ever. 

“Absolutely. Everyone always brings up Jordan’s six rings trumping LeBron’s four, but what he has done with the teams he has been dealt throughout his career — especially now that he broke the all time scoring record — puts him above Michael as the greatest ever,” Wilson said. 

Whether or not this makes James the GOAT, he has had a major impact on the game of basketball. 

“He was a huge inspiration for kids that came from underprivileged areas, starting a school for kids who could not afford it while also providing them with whatever they need,” said Michael Larrusso, a sophomore business major and basketball enthusiast. “He also revolutionized the game by playing positionless basketball.”