Greene’s new plan to label Antifa as a terrorist organization

Controversial political figure Marjorie Taylor Greene announced her plan to list the activist group as a terrorist organization

Proud Boys and Antifa clash as Trump supporters protest election result in Washington in 2020.

Courtesy of MGN

Proud Boys and Antifa clash as Trump supporters protest election result in Washington in 2020.

Lily Pruitt, Asst. News Editor

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene serves Georgia’s 14th district. While discussing the recent protest of “Cop City” in Atlanta, on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Greene mentioned her plan to create new legislation that would label antifa a “terrorist organization.”

“Well, it is time to do something about antifa,” Greene said. “That is why I am going to introduce legislation to declare antifa domestic terrorists.”

The most recent protest of “Cop City,” resulted in the murder of Manuel Teransix people being arrested. Members of this group shattered car and business windows, vandalized — destroyed a police car by setting it on fire and vandalized several buildings. 

The group has now moved to protest in front of a new police training facility that is being built in Atlanta. This has resulted in Governor Brian Kemp declaring a state of emergency that will last until Feb. 9. 

“In isolation, it does not seem like enough to trigger something like a state of emergency, but taken in the totality of circumstances surrounding the protests at the training center, it seems like a heavy-handed response — but I would say that, because of the most recent incident, it is just a nod from the governor’s mansion to say that they have their back,” said GC criminal justice professor Matt Sanchez. 

According to the Congressional Research Service, “anti-fascists,” or Antifa, “followers focus on countering the views of people they deem fascist or white supremacist.”

Antifa has created a lot of controversy in the republican party, as Greene insists in the interview that they are the real fascists. 

“They are not anti-fascists,” Greene said. “They are the fascists.”

More recently, four House Republicans have introduced legislation that would set up a National Commission to investigate domestic terrorist attacks. These would be similar to the 9/11 and Jan. 6 commissions. They want to have the riots across the U.S. by antifa to be investigated further. 

“I understand the need to feel like they have to take a stand against that kind of unprovoked violence,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez is curious to see if further legislation will be passed in the future.

“I would expect to see some things coming out of Greene’s legislation if she were to get it passed, but it would take some time,” Sanchez said. 

Things that would come out of the new legislation would be more surveillance of these groups, which would lead to knowing more about them, what exactly they stand for, who is leading or funding them and their future acts. This would also include prosecution of members of antifa. 

People that live in downtown Atlanta and have had to deal with the aftermath and fear of the violence that occurred at this protest. 

“I heard about it, but it did not affect me,” said senior MIS major John Cleveland. “One of my friends had to wait in traffic for an hour because people were in the streets.”