2023 pop culture predictions

What do GC students think is going to happen in 2023?

Shaw Coggin, Staff Writer

With the first month of 2023 coming to a close, we decided to ask students from around

campus what they think is in store for pop culture for the rest of the year. One topic that seems to peak student interest is the lives of celebrities.

Bailey Parker, sophomore English major, said, “2023 will be engagement season.”

A sentiment shared by many, Moriah Hamlin, sophomore education major, predicts that Miley Cyrus will announce that she has entered into a new relationship after her drama with ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth.

Going off of that, Parker thinks that Cyrus will date comedian Pete Davidson. Payton Dromey, freshman business management major, on the other hand, thinks that Davidson will enter a relationship with actress Jenna Ortega. 

It is not only Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson’s love lives that students are interested in. Another big topic of discussion is Tom Holland and Zendaya’s relationship.

Parker thinks that they will get engaged before the end of the year. The opposite sentiment is held by Bella Mccomis, freshman major, who thinks that they will break up.

Movies and podcasts, too, were also a big discussion topic among students. Lili Martin, sophomore psychology major, said, “I think ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ will be one of the best movies this year, but I have little faith in the rest of the Marvel movies coming out.”

Hanna Sowers, freshman history and geography major, and Alyssa Baker, sophomore business major, think similarly as well. With a lot of the more recent MCU releases, it seems like Marvel is starting to lose the favor of general audiences. Sowers believes that the same will happen with the Star Wars franchise as well.

“As much as I love Star Wars, I think it’s going down also,” Sowers said. 

Sophie Hidalgo, freshman mass communication major, thinks that podcasts will become even bigger in popularity than they already are. Sloan Freeman, sophomore environmental science major, predicts that the “What’s That?” podcast will blow up.

Many have thoughts on what the new big releases and artists will be.

Blake Martin, senior mass communication major, thinks that Miley Cyrus and Rihanna will be the most popular artist of the year. Both he and Sowers believe that Rhianna will release a new album after her performance at the Super Bowl.

McKenna Ryan, sophomore mass communication major, thinks that Taylor Swift will release her long awaited album “1989”. Allie Wiernicki, sophomore education major, thinks Swift will go on tour but will be underwhelming. 

Another music artist who has been in the news a lot lately is Kanye West. Morgan Kenney, senior GC student, thinks he will go missing again or will die.

Another big celeb who students predict the passing of is Elon Musk. Moriah Hamlin, sophomore education major, thinks that the multi-billionaire will be found dead, and the cause of death will be a mystery.

Olivia Crawford, freshman creative writing major, thinks that Musk will fake his death and go to Mars.

Some otherworldly predictions come from Anna Boughton, senior psychology major, Campbell Porter, sophomore marketing major, and Parker Smith, freshman biology major.

Boughton believes that the metaverse will become way more popular and that it will take over

people’s jobs.

Porter believes that the video game industry will finally crash.

“They have been on a decline for a while now and I think the market will finally crash this year,” Porter said. 

Smith thinks that marijuana will be legalized everywhere.