Problematic Halloween Costumes

Cara Radosevich

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly dressed up as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for Halloween, and this was criticized online. Because there was a lot of domestic violence that occurred in Anderson and Lee’s relationship, this costume was criticized online for being in poor taste.

“That relationship was definitely toxic and abusive. It just feels disrespectful because that violence actually happened,” said Natalia Acosta, freshman art major. 

Lily Painter, junior marketing major, also feels similarly about this costume choice. 

“Regarding the negativity surrounding who they dressed up as, this is just like people dressing up as Jeffrey Dahmer,” said Lily Painter, junior marketing major. “People glorify tragedies all the time, so this doesn’t shock or bother me as much as the other costume they wore.”

Machine Gun Kelly also dressed up as a sexy priest and Megan Fox dressed up as a sexy nun for Halloween, which garnered criticism online due to the sexualization of religion.

Acosta said that it is not her place to say whether someone can wear a costume that sexualizes religion. However, she said that the couple’s costume was the “opposite” of a religious costume.

“I can’t really say whether they are allowed to do that or not. But fundamentally, just the concept of a sexy priest and a sexy nun, I find it kind of disgusting. Those things just do not belong together,” Acosta said.

Some argued that making fun of religion is “out-of-bounds,” just like someone’s appearance. 

“Many people fled countries to have religious freedom, and people still die today because of their beliefs. By sexualizing this, it makes it seem like they could not care less about sexualizing people of the Catholic religion, or quite honestly, any other one,” Painter said.

Billie Eilish and her boyfriend Jesse Rutherford’s costumes were also heavily criticized. The couple has an 11-year age difference, and they dressed up as a baby and an old man for Halloween. Eilish posted the couple’s costume on Instagram which made light of their 11-year age gap, and fans wrote critical comments.

“I guess that kind of makes me a little uncomfortable just because they are a couple,”  Acosta said. “If they were two friends that had a big age gap, and they decided to dress up as a little kid and an older person, it would be funny.”

She also said that the costume choice was “kind of concerning” because it normalizes inappropriate relationships with a large age gap.

Hannah Hollis, freshman nursing major, also found Eilish and Rutherford’s costume inappropriate.

“Granted, he was matching one of his friends who was dressed up as a grandmother, and he was a grandfather, but Billie did not have to be baby by any means. That was awkward. But it’s funny that he’s in The Neighborhood and they have a song called Daddy Issues, though,” said Hollis.