Is Trump Trumped?

Lily Pruitt, News Editor

President Donald Trump was subpoenaed for the January 6th hearings, the attack on the U.S Capitol building. A subpoena is a lawful order to produce documents or to testify. Liz Cheney and Bennie Thompson formally addressed the subpoena by saying that Trump orchestrated the overturn of the 2020 presidential election and oversaw it. 

Trump was given the date of November 4th to provide documents to the committee and November 14th to appear for a deposition. There are two ways this could affect the past president. The committee could refer the case to the Justice Department for prosecution or they could proceed in court. 

The committee received word from Trump’s lawyers and extended his deadline to provide the committee documents by another week. Trump is expected to run out the clock. If he does so, and because the recent election shows a republican majority of the House, the committee’s work will most likely abruptly end. 

According to Adam Lamparello, GC law professor, if someone does not comply with a subpoena, they could be in violation of federal law. There is chatter that Trump will not comply with the committee and will end up in jail. Others believe that he will be off the hook. 

Many GC students tend to feel different ways about what the outcome of Trump’s subpoena will be. Many choose to believe that with his record, he will be punished lightly. 

“I think Trump will only get a slap on the wrist because of his money and connections,” said senior criminal justice major Rhianna Vidrine. 

Other students believe that this ordeal is a waste of time.

“Trump’s subpoena is not completely unprecedented, but I believe it is a lost effort,” said senior criminal justice major Sarah Cortez. “There is no surefire way to prove everything he is being accused of.”

Some people have a bolder opinion on this ordeal. 

“I don’t know why anybody cares anymore. It’s over. Trump did not incite violence under the first amendment. There is no possible way his behavior could be construed as such,” said Lamparello. 

There have been many instances where Trump has been in “hot water” with American citizens. From impeachment to election fraud, to now perjury, Trump has not been completely popular among half the voters but has seemingly gotten off the hook with each so-called offense. 

“I think it’s just going to turn into another thing that Trump was accused of that is brushed off due to lack of evidence. It’s probably just going to be another waste of taxpayer money,” said Cortez. 

Many people have the opinion that the January 6th committee that subpoenaed Trump for his “acts” of violence, is a sham. They believe that trump did not incite violence and to call out Trump as so, further divides our country. 

“The blame on Trump for this is based on complete misunderstanding of the law and really has been used for political purposes,” said Lamparello. 

Fortunately, not everyone believes the same way, and many do believe that Trump incited violence and should comply with the committee. 

Either way, American citizens will find out in the next few weeks what decisions are to be made.