Miller AOTW

With GC volleyball ending their regular season, many players have had their share of accomplishments this season. One player that has stood out this season is junior Callie Miller. 


Callie Miller won her first Bobcat Athlete of the Week of the season after her incredible performance against Young Harris College on October 14. Miller’s contribution helped the team win the match 3-1. 


The team as a whole was able to play a good match recording 49 kills, 74 digs, and 46 assists during the Senior Day game. Miller was able to record 19 kills in this game against the Mountain Lions. This broke her previous record of 15 that she set on October 7 versus University of South Carolina Aiken.  


Miller had a hitting percentage of .429 while also having seven digs in this game. After this game and the game earlier in the week, Miller averaged 3.71 kills per set and had a hitting percentage of .400 for the week.  


While this is Callie’s third season here at GC, this year looked a little different for her on the court. Miller has been seeing good results this season after being moved into a new position.  


“This season has been a new experience for me because I’ve always been a right-side hitter and not an outside hitter,” said Callie Miller. “Now that I’ve switched to outside, I think I have learned a lot. At first, it was rough trying to adjust, but with my coaches and encouragement from my teammates, I’ve built up more confidence the more we have practiced.” 


It is not easy having to switch positions, especially when you have no experience in that position. Miller was able to step up and make a positive impact on the team as a whole. 


“Callie has stepped up big time this season being thrown into this position that she wasn’t extremely comfortable in,” said graduate student Rachel Machovec. “She has really made the best of it and has impacted us positively as a team in many ways.” 


This move has not affected Miller’s skill level in any negative way this season.  


“Callie has made a dramatic improvement from last year in my opinion,” said senior Emily Long. “She is very consistent which is very important to help the team as a whole stay steady.” 


This season alone, Miller has recorded over 200 kills while playing 26 out of the 28 games this season. 


“I think of Callie as one of the best hitters I have ever played with,” Long said. “She doesn’t just “bounce balls.” Instead, she places them where the opponent is not. You don’t have to bang balls to score points and that makes her a good hitter.” 


As a student athlete, having a good support system within your team is extremely important. Miller attributes much of her success to two teammates in particular, freshman Alanis Bernis and graduate student Rachel Machovec. 


“Rachel and Alanis have helped me so much this season on the court,” Miller said. “Rachel is the other outside. She’s been really encouraging to me and helps me when I have no idea what I am doing. Alanis has been so helpful as well because this is also my first time serve receiving since I was 16. She’s a strong leader in the back row. It’s nice to look at her when I’m struggling, she’s there to pick me up.” 


Volleyball is a game of communication. Good communication creates a strong team. Miller has been able to use her voice to step up and lead on the court. 


“She’s always figuring out the next step and wanting to be the best she can be,” Machovec said. “The way she communicates during the game is really encouraging and keeps us motivated, and that is one way she has stepped up.”  


With the PBC Tournament starting on November 10, GC currently has a conference record of 7-7 with one more game left to play on November 5. 


“I hope to help my team not only just physically, but by being a good teammate to the other girls as well,” Miller said. “Practice is where we win games, so I plan to continue to focus in practice and have that translate over into the tournament.”  


Miller has stepped up and into a big role this season, which has paid off in her favor. Miller’s performance this season has made her a well-deserving candidate for this title.