Morning Grind opens

Annie Roper, Staff Writer

Morning Grind, conveniently located on the corner of North Columbia and West Montgomery, began renovations in August. The shop is tentatively set to open on Oct. 13.  

With chilly Milledgeville mornings creeping around the corner, a warm drink is on every student’s mind. Their menu will feature drip coffees, cold brew, an espresso bar, smoothies, pastries and breakfast sandwiches as well as a limited lunch menu.  

Due to the small size of the building, the shop will provide indoor and outdoor seating. The window that once served as a drive-thru will be utilized as a walk-up window which will provide an even easier way for students to stop by on their way to class.

For years, Blackbird Coffee, located downtown, has been a favorite among students for a coffee-break or those looking for a cozy spot to study. We asked students how they felt about a new coffee shop coexisting alongside Blackbird. 

“I feel like in Blackbird you’re supposed to sit down and study for a little bit;,” said Courtney Owen, junior mass communications major. “I think Morning Grind is going to be a way for us to just grab drinks on the way to class.” 

Though the buzz surrounding the shop comes from all over campus, the students living nearest Morning Grind seem to be exceptionally excited. The shop falls directly along the path to class for those living in Campus Edge and Boulevard; therefore making it almost too easy to grab a pastry or latte before a 9:00 AM.  

“I drink coffee every day,” said Kayla Taitz, junior psychology major. “I’m so excited for it. Next year, when I’m living in Boulevard and walking past it, I’ll definitely be getting it.” 

Morning Grind will operate where Old Tyme Delicious Hotdogs once stood. The restaurant was one of few late-night food options, and its closing came as a shock to many. However, to reach it required a twenty-minute walk from downtown, and some feel as though a coffee shop may be a more practical business to occupy the building. 

“I think the loss of Old Tyme was sad, because it was a great late-night food, but at the same time the convenience of that was not so close to downtown,” Taitz said. “I think coffee could be a better option, if executed properly.” 

Brigette and Jared Smith, the owners of Morning Grind, are GMC and GC alumni’s. The shop fulfills their dream of opening a small business in a town close to their hearts. 

“We’re from the area, and we know a lot of family and friends around there,” Bridgette Smith said. “It just kind of fell into our laps, and we’re hoping that we’ll make it a successful statement in the city.” 

The Smiths hope to implement extended hours during finals season, and possibly to add a mobile order and delivery system for students working hard at the library.   

“We’re really going to try and make every experience a good one, and always have a smile on our faces,” Jared Smith said. “And I think the taste of our drinks is going to be top class.” 

When asked what their message would be to those anticipating the grand opening, the Smiths expressed excitement for their new chapter. 

“We just want to get our name out there, hopefully do great with the community, get to know everybody, and see how it goes,” Bridgette said. 

They plan to finish renovations and begin hiring this week.