2022 NFL Kickoff Game


Katherine Futch

Austen Sorrells, Grayson Oliver, and Clay Spicer watch the NFL kickoff game.

Katherine Futch, Editor in Chief

The Buffalo Bills dominated the reigning Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams in the NFL season opener on Sept. 8. They lived up to their pre-season expectations, with a 31-10 victory. This was the largest scoring margin in a kickoff game since 2013 according to NBC Sports.  

Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen finished 26 of 31 for 297 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions. He rushed 56 yards on 10 carries and scored the 32nd rushing touchdown of his career, tying him for 14th most in NFL history among quarterbacks.  His four-yard touchdown on third-and-goal in the fourth quarter set the Bills ahead 24-10, launching them into victory.  

The Bills’ defense also performed well, forcing three turnovers and seven sacks.  

Rams’ wide receiver and Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp also performed well; he finished the game with 13 catches for 128 yards and a touchdown.  

NBC Sports projected that its coverage of the 2022 Kickoff Game between the Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams averaged more than 21 million viewers across its linear and digital channels. That was a 19% decrease from the 2021 season opener for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Dallas Cowboys.  

Several factors could explain this drop in viewership, including the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on the same day as the season opener. Likewise, the second half was not as exciting as the previous year. It was clear that the Bills would take the win early into the third quarter.  

Many GC students watched the game, including senior criminal justice major, Connor Hawk. He is an Atlanta Falcons enthusiast but still wanted to observe the Bills play the Rams. However, his true passion for the sport revolves around the NCAA and the No. 1 Bulldogs.  

“I enjoy watching the NFL sometimes, but only because college football is not on,” Hawk said. “But when the Falcons were good back in the day, my family and I had season tickets. They lost the NFC championship that year, and I remember being at that game as a kid and crying.”   

Hawk said that he has fond memories of attending Falcons games and is thankful for those experiences.  

“I remember one time we were about to leave the game early because we thought the Falcons were going to lose,” Hawk said. “But as we were leaving Tony Gonzalez turned around and ended up scoring this amazing touchdown and they ended up winning.”   

Senior marketing major, Austen Sorrells, is rooting for the Chargers this year. However, he said that he does not regularly watch the NFL. He too prefers college football.  

“College football is way better than the NFL,” Sorrells said. “NFL is overrated because of the money and celebrity status. College football is superior in every way. The only reason watching NFL is important is because of fantasy football and fantasy gambling.”   

Sorrells said he still watches NFL, but only if he cannot find something better to watch.  

“It is like, ‘What am I doing? Nothing? I guess I will watch NFL,” Sorrells said.  

Junior accounting major Clay Spicer was pleased with the Bills’ triumph over the Rams. He predicted that the Bills will play in the Super Bowl this season.  

“I definitely think the Bills will go to the Super Bowl this year,” Spicer said. “Their offense is really good so I would be shocked if they don’t make it.”  

The Bills will play the Tennessee Titans Monday, Sept. 19, and are predicted to win yet again.