College football kicks off

Kate Verity, Contributing Writer

College football is back. Over Labor Day weekend, one of America’s favorite sports returned to television. Interceptions were thrown, punts were returned, and touchdowns were celebrated across the country this weekend. 

Popular teams that GC students support are currently the No. 1 Georgia Bulldogs, the No. 3 Alabama Crimson Tide and the unranked LSU Tigers, but some students cheer for other teams as well.  

Caroline Brow, a junior nursing major, spent the weekend watching football in Boone, NC. 

“I root for Appalachian State,” Brown said. “I just went over Labor Day. They played UNC and almost won. It was a really good game.” 

Although UNC squeaked by Appalachian State in a 63-61 shootout, Brown is still excited to watch the rest of their season. 

The Georgia Bulldogs came out with perhaps the best performance of the week, defending their national title and dominating over the Oregon Ducks with a final score of 49-3. With no points on the board except a second-quarter 35-yard field goal, the Ducks left Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta with a humiliating first loss of the season.  

If their previous season is any indication, the Dawgs left Atlanta on Saturday with the first of many wins this season.  

Patrick Morris, a junior MIS major, hopes to see big things from the UGA football program this year. 

“I was kind of an Oregon fan when I was little, but then I grew up and I am definitely more of a Dawgs fan now,” Morris said. “I’m also looking forward to Georgia vs. Auburn because I hate Auburn, and I love when Georgia beats the crap out of them.” 

Some students did not get to watch their teams walk away with a win this weekend. Kaitlyn Hall, an LSU Tigers fan, says she did not even watch their entire game.  

“I stopped watching after the second half, I’m not even going to lie,” Hall said. “It was not our best performance. I feel like every first game we have really tells how we’re going to do that year. So, it’s not looking bright this year.” 

LSU lost on a game ending blocked extra-point to Florida State last weekend. The Tigers scored nearly all their points in the second half, almost pulling off a crazy comeback to send it to overtime. The final score was 24-23. 

Even though she may not have high hopes for a Tigers win, Hall is still eager to watch LSU take on other SEC teams this year.  

“Alabama vs. LSU is always a rival football game for us, but the past couple of years has not been good,” Hall said. “That’s the one we most anticipate every year.” 

The SEC has already announced that the conference championship game will be played in Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Saturday, Dec. 3. Although GC students may root for different teams, there does not seem to be much disagreement over what teams will be playing in the SEC championship game.  

“Either Georgia or Alabama,” Kaitlyn Hall said. 

“I honestly think UGA is going to win,” Caroline Brown said. 

Patrick Morris has the SEC championship affecting the national championship game as well.  

“I think it’s going to be Georgia and Alabama,” Morris predicts. “And then whoever wins that game is going to lose the national championship to whoever lost the SEC championship.” 

Although half of the teams who went home last weekend did so without victory, everyone is still thankful that football season is back.