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Horoscopes for Sept. 9-Oct. 1

Mercury retrograde occurs about 3-4 a year when the planet of mercury appears to move backwards in the sky. This year, one of the retrogrades will occur from Sept 9-Oct 1. Unfortunately, mercury retrograde can cause a lot of issues for each sign, so read more to see how this will affect your sign. 

Virgo: This retrograde will affect you the most out of any other sign. You might experience unexpected roadblocks in your typical routine, and this can be overwhelming for a typically organized virgo. Don’t let this manifest into frustration, and try to use this to improve yourself. Also, be careful of purchasing extravagant items in this period because it will only hurt you later.  

Libra: Be careful who you trust with your secrets and avoid confrontation at all costs. Be warned, your ex relationships will reach out to you, and this will cause a lot of realizations about why previous relationships didn’t work out. 

Scorpio: Scorpio’s tend to hold grudges, and you will have to confront these suppressed feelings during this period. Issues from your past are going to arise, and you will have to revisit a lot of old emotions. Although it might not seem like this now, this will be good for you in the long run. 

Sagittarius: Release all of the emotional energy you have been building up from issues in your social life. Spend this time learning how to cope with your emotions by yourself rather than relying on your friends for support. 

Capricorn: There will be issues in communication in professional environments such as work or school. To fix this, try to be more accepting of other people’s ideas, and do not give into petty drama. 

Aquarius: This retrograde cycle will be really good for you. It will bring a lot of creativity and intellectual stimulation into your life. The last week of Sept will be a good time for you to travel or to plan a future vacation. 

Pisces: It is time for a break. Life has been chaotic for you, and you have been experiencing a lot of petty drama recently. If you move your energy into focusing the positive aspects of your life, mercury retrograde will bring you peace.  

Aries: It is not selfish to set boundaries in your closest relationships, and this retrograde will bring you the confidence to actually follow through on this. Don’t assume you know everything, trust your intuition, and this will bring you luck. 

Taurus: Spend this retrograde reflecting on your self care routines. Are they actually beneficial or are they just a way to escape from the problems you’re experiencing? This period will bring blocks in your creative process, but this is only temporary. 

Gemini: People you have unresolved business will reappear in your life during this period, and do not give into this temptation. These people are in your past for a reason. This is a bad month to pursue romantic relationships for you, so focus on your own mental wellbeing. 

Cancer: It is very important that you avoid arguments with your family this month. The communication between you and your family will not be productive, so avoid confrontations as much as possible. This month, you may receive information that could lead to a boost in your finances. 

Leo: Use this time to reflect on the ways you let your pride take control of you. This month, you might feel extra social. Be careful not to spend all of your money on social outings. Remember to balance your time well between your friends.

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