The season of Virgo

Hannah Adams, Assistant Opinion Editor

For those born between the dates of Aug. 23 to Sep. 22, the season of the Virgo is beginning. Virgos are known to be some of the most level-headed and practical of the zodiacs. They are creative, kind and truly loving of their friends. Quality time is important for Virgos as they deeply cherish the intimacy of companionship. 

As a Pisces, many of my close friends are Virgos, and I feel that we relate heavily on our creative interests. My Virgo friends love music, dancing and art. These are traits that I relate to strongly. Virgos are typically a great source of advice, often offering the most logical and fair point of view to the situation at hand. Although the traits of the typical Virgo are dissimilar to that of Pisces, I think that it is those differences that provide a healthy balance in my personal relationships. 

I identify strongly with the traits of a Pisces regarding being dreamy, insightful and often wrapped up in my own thoughts. To me, it is the practical mind and intentional nature of Virgos that contradicts nicely with my tendencies, and often helps steer me back on track when I am feeling distracted. According to the astrology app “Co-Star,” Virgo and Pisces are “sister signs.” This means that they are exact opposites of one another. 

Although I do find this to be accurate in many ways, I still feel that there is a middle ground of similarities between us that help settle the differentiations. For example, I feel that both Pisces and Virgos tend to be perceptive, selfless and generally kind in nature. Virgos have been a sign that I have encountered in many friendships; I have enjoyed getting to understand their tendencies better with each meeting. 

It has always been interesting for me when connecting with other astrological signs in recognizing the similarities between myself and the traits of others. Whether or not you believe in astrology, it is still remarkable how often people fit the mold of their sign characteristics. Despite the common resounding disapproval of astrology from astronomers, there was a time when the two worked as a unit. In Sky at Night Magazine’s article “Astrology: An Astronomer’s View”, it is said, “Ask any astronomer if they believe in the ancient practice of astrology and the answer will likely be a resounding no. And yet the science of astronomy had its origins in this astrological belief system, which goes back a long way.” In ancient times, astrology was used as a source of foretelling the future and the predictions of the stars were held to a higher regard than they are today. Despite the common discrediting of astrology in current times, many people still argue that they highly identify with the general traits of their zodiacs. An Instagram poll to the public concluded that out of 73 people, 53% voted yes to feeling that they identify with the traits of their respective zodiac signs. Only 20% voted to sharing no traits with their sign and 17% identified with their sign in some ways. 

It is these statistics that testify to the idea that astrology is often highly relatable and scarily accurate. Although seemingly not scientifically correct, it cannot go without acknowledgement that most people highly resonate with the generalities of their astrological chart. To me, I teeter somewhere in the balance of wanting to discredit astrology for its lack of scientific rationality while also giving due credit to its consistently correct descriptions of my personality. I also think that astrology can be a good way to find connections with others and to form relationships in a way that feels deeper and more intimate.