GC’s 4th annual block party


Courtesy of GC Shelter Buddies

(Left to right) Blakely Queen, Cathy Cox and Lillian McGilliard in front of the GC Shelter Buddies table at this year’s block party

Anne Roper, Staff Writer

Getting involved on a college campus as a freshman can be overwhelming and scary. There are so many clubs, so many organizations – how could you possibly know which ones could be a fit for you?

GC hosted its 4th annual Weekend of Welcome Block Party on August 24th, 2022. Also referred to as Bobcat Marketplace, the event offered incoming freshmen an opportunity to meet over 70 of GC’s clubs and organizations. The Block Party was held on Greene Street, directly in front of the dorms, making it especially hard to miss for the residents of Parkhurst and Wells.

“It’s really the biggest RSO fair we have of the year to help first-year students get involved,” said Kristy Johnson, GC Student Life representative. “We add a few extra activities and fun things to make it a little bit more than just an RSO fair.”

The Block Party allowed students to interact with clubs they may not have even known existed. GC has a diverse selection of 199 registered student organizations on campus, ensuring that each student has the opportunity to find something suited to their interests. The Department of Student Activities and Organizations urges students to keep in mind the Campus Life Challenge, which pushes students to try to get involved in at least one organization or team within the first month on campus.

“I think the important thing is to really focus on one or two organizations that you’re really interested in, and instead of just being a part of them, try to take on leadership roles and get more involved,” Johnson said when asked if she had any advice for first-year students. “If you can take on a leadership role through the organization, that helps you to build skills that you need for after college.”

Aside from perusing the tables, students enjoyed music and activities such as a zipline, a rock-climbing wall, ax throwing, and even a drawing for prizes. Plenty of opportunities presented themselves to receive free goodies, offering even more incentives for students looking to add to their GC memorabilia collection.

“I actually signed up for rugby because it seemed fun. I didn’t know we had a rugby team,” said Cara Cost, freshman nursing major. “I wasn’t going to go at first, but I actually stayed a while, because we did everything. I walked home with so much free stuff.”

We also spoke with Haley Marshall, treasurer of Bobcat Media Productions, the film production-based club on campus. She provided insight into some of the opportunities working in a leadership role has brought her.

“I didn’t know this, but you can put practicum as a job on your resume. I’m pretty sure that BMP Exec can count as a job too,” Marshall said. “Definitely start early,” She continued when speaking about student involvement and Bobcat Marketplace. “Go to all the tables, because I had no idea and I didn’t start until my junior year.”

It’s easy to forget that an entire group of people experiences the same life changes at the same time, and that makes it the perfect time to join an organization.