Passion for Fashion: Hannah Warren’s Story


Max Bieber

College is a stressful time for everyone. In addition to stress, living the college lifestyle gets notably expensive at times. Many students try to get a job, which often comes with terrible hours and lousy pay. Starting your own business is one way to make some extra cash to put in your pocket. One student here at Georgia College has done just that and has taken her business to another level.

Hannah Warren is a second-year student with a passion for fashion. She runs her business “Limitless Looks” through platforms like Instagram and Depop. On these apps, she sells women’s clothing as well as jewelry. Hannah makes rings and necklace medallions with beautiful designs.

She works out of her college apartment, from where she takes photos of her products, edits, and posts them online for customers to see and potentially purchase. Hannah also buys blank strips of metal and metal stamps, a bender, and a sharpie that she uses to make custom-ordered rings. This is only one aspect of her business.

She also finds stylish retail items that she posts on her social media platforms for sale. Once a customer pays for an item, Hannah packages and ships the item, often including a free business card and sticker to keep her customers coming back. She says, “Whenever I am working on my business, it feels like time is flying by. It doesn’t really feel like work.”

Hannah started this business because fashion is something she loves. Driven by this passion, she set goals to start and run a successful and profitable business. Her belief: anyone can run a business. She says all it takes is finding something that you are passionate about and dedicating your time.

“When someone finds their passion, they found something that they love, and there is a great chance that someone else loves that too.”

Emma Sinderstine, a regular customer of Limitless Looks, appreciates this business because it is “unique in that it doesn’t just offer one thing. It is also a small business that primarily functions out of a small area of town.” Emma says Hannah recognizes that most college students do not have much money and establishes her pricing accordingly.

Another customer, Mary Kate Kotzin, notes, “This business is unique because there are always high-quality products for a good price.”

Based on her experience thus far, Hannah has advice for other students who may have dreamed of starting a business. “You should not be afraid to start your own business and don’t be afraid of other people’s opinions. Keep trying.” Hannah said, “In the beginning, I was very discouraged, and I was not selling a lot. Now, I have ring orders for sororities and have sold over 400+ clothes and rings. And you can do it too.”

According to Hannah, this was a leap of faith, a leap that countless others have taken. She hopes her success will be an example to others trying to start a business.