A New Look for the Max


Sophie Zetzsche

Over the last few months, the Maxwell Student Union at Georgia College has undergone significant changes. The space has been spruced-up to give students a modern and comfortable spot to study, meet friends, or get a bite to eat between classes. Along with the updated space came more dining options; Einstein Bros Bagels and a Jamba by Blendid smoothie machine.

These changes have increased the use of the space and have changed the dynamic of student life at Georgia College.

“Before the renovations of the MSU [Maxwell Student Union], I never really utilized the space, but now I use it all the time. I am always meeting friends there and hanging out down there,” said freshman Hope Grisham.

The plan to renovate this space was in the works for roughly the last two years, but the administration put the project on hold due to Covid-19. The idea for these renovations came about four or five years ago, and “we had consultants come and meet with our team to talk about the student union, and this fall, we started construction,” said Emily Jarvis, Executive Director of Student Engagement.

Before these renovations, the space remained pretty closed off, containing the mailroom and smaller sitting space for Einstein Bros Bagels. Those involved with the renovation process say the goal was to make the area more accessible for students.

“When I first came to Georgia College, I never really went downstairs in the MSU, but now that it has been renovated, I am there almost every day, whether that be to meet with friends, study, or grab a bite to eat between classes,” said Sophomore Aidan Shuster.

“We wanted this space to serve as a social gathering space for students. We wanted it to be used for group study sessions, having a meal with friends, or hanging out. We did not want the MSU to be a quiet space; that is what the library is for. Our hopes for the MSU to be a place for small student organizations gathering and program that space,” said Jarvis.

So far, the changes under the Max have already impacted student life at Georgia College, but these renovations are only some of the first. More changes are coming to this space. “The second phase of renovation will occur in Donahoo Lounge. It will be renovated to match the space, and we will be adding a small stage with the hopes of showcasing student talent,” Jarvis said.

According to Jarvis, there will soon be coffee options in addition to the smoothie machine and Einstein Bagel Bros, the installation of monitors for streaming, presentations, etc. There will also be a desk for student staff to work, as well as a gaming room.

Jarvis said the changes are part of efforts to make this area a welcoming and inviting space for students.