Kappa Delta’s Winning Streak


Ty Peavy

Kappa Delta has won the last three consecutive homecoming courts at Georgia College. This past season, Alyssa Borko won homecoming Queen, and Sydney Bates won duchess. “Truly one of the best feelings in the world,” said Mackenzie Pickle, who oversees homecoming for Kappa Delta. She said this latest win “…validated everything that my homecoming team and I have been working on for so long. It was truly such an honor and a blessing.” Alyssa is a senior at Georgia College, while Sydney is a sophomore.

This is just the latest in several successive wins for the ladies of Kappa Delta. Evie Johnson and Sara Goldman won queen and duchess in 2021, and in 2020, Nikki Kuehn and Madison Basler also swept both queen and duchess. While this sounds somewhat improbable at first, you realize they are accomplishing this feat with their ferocious advertising campaign.

Kappa Delta does an excellent job of promoting themselves and their candidates long before any homecoming event. Pickle said they were producing ideas as early as last November for a competition that was in February. This shows how much work went into the planning.

They accomplish this feat by tabling, making graphics, and putting up yard signs. They have a solid social media presence during the homecoming season, and they are constantly getting their candidates’ names and images out to the Georgia College student body. During this year’s homecoming, they also handed sodas to people who came by their tent, another excellent strategy to secure votes. This idea of handing out sodas during homecoming was started by Lexi Gottschalk when she was Kappa Delta’s PR executive in 2020.

The leaders of the sorority believe their aggressive advertising campaign is the reason for their success during the last three homecoming elections. “It felt amazing. We basically just wanted to make sure our candidates’ names were everywhere,” said Pickle. “Through tabling, graphics, and yard signs, we were able to keep continuity through our whole campaign, so we somewhat made a look for the KD campaign, so anytime someone saw a piece of our theme, they would know immediately who it was for.”

Winning year after year also allows KD’s reputation to continue to grow. Winning three consecutive homecomings looks very good for KD, which helps them get their name out there, making people want to join their group. “I think it has impacted our reputation in a positive way,” said Lexi Gottschalk, who was in charge of homecoming for KD in 2021. “People know us from our homecoming campaign and the wins, and it helps with what we want to show people

on campus. KD wants to promote confidence and kindness, so we try our best to do that in whatever way possible.” Their love for their candidates and each other seems to shine through during their homecoming campaign, and the wins show that it resonates with the student body. If this energy continues to grow, their winning streak might as well.