Taste of Milledgeville: The Cookie Company


Rebecca Meghani, Asst. A&L Editor

A new company has gained popularity in the past month, within the student body and the rest of Milledgeville. Kaitlin Tollison, owner of The Cookie Company, launched her business in early February and has sold over 400 cookies. She runs a home-based bakery while working at a management company and finishing up her degree, full-time.

Tollison began her idea for the company in January while visiting her sister in Greeneville.

“Every time we would visit, we would always get a box and we started thinking that it would be really cool to start something similar in Milledgeville,” said Tollison. “It was around January, we started testing stuff out and trying out Valentine’s flavors.”

It started in her kitchen where she would test different flavors and let her family taste test them. She was inspired by Crumbl, a popular cookie company, because of their cookie size and the fun flavors that they have. Though she has elements of Crumbl in her company, she wants to do something different with hers and create flavors that people have not tried before.

“In my mind, I wanted this to be an experiment and get some feedback so that by the time May comes around, I can really pump it,” said Tollison. “By the time I graduate, this can grow into something bigger.”

She started with a Facebook post on her personal page with just a plate of cookies. After seeing the popularity, she decided to create an Instagram to launch her business. Through the app, it grew at an unexpectedly fast rate when she anticipated to start small.

“I started selling March boxes before I created the March menu,” said Tollison. “It happened super fast and this isn’t something I have been thinking about for even a year.”

For March, she’s thinking about bringing back one of her most popular cookies, Cupid’s Crush, and turning it to be St. Patrick’s Day themed. Along with that, she also wants to do a Lucky Charms cookie.

“I’m wanting to do a different monthly menu and wanting to offer a few flavors all the time,” said Tollison. “So, every month, have new cookies but keep a few of the old ones.”

She expresses that she hopes to have a store front in the future, depending on if it gets enough business. She plans on incorporating more ideas into her business, like a cookie subscription box. From a small Facebook post to an ever-growing Instagram page, there seems to be much excitement for the future of The Cookie Company.

Cupid’s Crush: This cookie had a similar texture to a moist cake. While it was a larger cookie, the insides were as soft as a cloud. The cream cheese icing and cookie crumbles on the top, only added to the appearance, as well as the taste. The balance between the cookie and icing was the perfect ratio and wasn’t over-powering in sweetness.

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese icing: This red velvet was more cookie-like, in terms of its texture. With the chew-y qualities, it was crumbly and crispy on the inside that broke into a softer consistency when bitten into. Easily, one of the most aesthetically pleasing cookies.

Red Velvet with White Chocolate chips: This one is for the people that have a major sweet tooth. The white chocolate chips and red velvet together had a very high sweetness level. The density and texture of the cookie makes it enjoyable to eat.

Chocolate Chip: The classic chocolate chip. This cookie was the perfect amount of crispy on the outside and softness on the inside. The morsels inside were delightfully huge and was only an added plus to the size of the cookie itself.

Sea Salt Toffee: With it not being a popular flavor, the expectations weren’t high but it exceeded them by far. With the attributing factors like the salt, the size and accoutrement, they all complimented each other and improved the cookie flavor.