Mass Comm Mixer


Network with MSCM students and alumni THIS FRIDAY, Nov. 12. Panel discussions will take place on the ground floor of Terrell Hall.

  • 9 a.m.: Real-World Readiness
  • 11 a.m.: Comm Internships, Jobs and Careers
  • 1 p.m.: Going to Grad School

Refreshments will be provided.

Details of Real-World Readiness Panel for Friday’s Mass Comm Mixer

The 9 a.m. panel — Real-World Readiness — brings together a group of alumni eager to share how their undergrad experiences prepared them for their respective careers in communication. The alumni include Morgan Kitchens, Sean Montgomery, Suzie Consoli and Angie Yones.




Details of Comm Internships, Jobs and Careers Panel for Friday’s Mass Comm Mixer

The Mass Comm Mixer’s 11 a.m. panel is all about internships, jobs and careers. Panelists will be Jenni Bruckman, Suzie Consoli and Brighton Sandt. These alumni are eager to share their experiences about their job searches and careers. 




Details of Grad School Panel for Friday’s Mass Comm Mixer 

The 1 p.m. panel topic for the Mass Comm Mixer is about going to Grad School. The guest speakers that will share their experiences with higher education are Luke Paul, John Dillon, Hampton Pelton and Tara Spirou. If you’ve ever considered getting an advanced degree, this is the panel for you!


Announcement from Georgia College’s Mass Communication Associate Professor and Internship Coordinator Christina Smith to mass communication students.

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