The Bobcat Den is on the move


Bailey Ballard

The Bobcat Den will move from the bottom of the Magnolia Ballroom and become part of the first-floor Maxwell Student Union lounge currently under construction.


“The thought was to have the student union in a more centralized location where more students would be engaged with it,” said Christopher Newsome, administrative coordinator of student life.


The project began in late 2019 as a way to unify all of the student union spaces.


The project will be completed in two phases. The first phase is to create a communal area. The second phase will be deciding more on design and what will happen with the Donahoo lounge on the first floor of the Maxwell Student Union.


Maggie Discher, the project manager, walked the Colonnade through the Maxwell Student Union Phase 1 plan with some early renderings of what the space will look like.


Walking in from the door towards the Bobcat Office, there is a mural to the left with carpet floors. This area will be a collaborative space for students with group seating that will be in the middle with some larger bench style tables.


The tile floor by the door to the Bobcat Card Office and the carpet area close to the mural will have cafe seating and some banquette seating against the mural wall.


“All of the seating is relatively lightweight so that it’s easy enough to rearrange it for group things,” said Discher.


Towards the etched glass, there will be individual seating.


“The thought behind the use of carpet and wood was to create some variation and different feel,” Discher said. “Where you have the drop ceiling and the soft surface floor will feel a little more private. As I said before, the area over here (by the etched glass), will feel a little cozier and calmer.”


Most of the furniture arrived on Nov. 8, completing phase 1. However, supply chain issues have delayed some furniture and other items.


According to Newsome, the new lounge will have all of the Bobcat Den’s amenities. However, he noted that conversations about the project are still very fluid on what will be moved into the new space.


The Give Center will relocate to the Bobcat Den’s current location.


The Student Activity Center, Student Life and Fraternity and Sorority Life will transition into the Maxwell Student Union.


“We hope that with the increased draw of both areas going over there that more and more students will see that as their space,” Newsome said. “One thing that we are really looking forward to is having this space to not only be a cool attraction for students but also as a programming space.”


Student Life will continue to offer services such as free printing and is discussing the possibility of offering these services in both the new location and their old office space in Magnolia Ballroom.


The hope is to say goodbye to the current Bobcat Den at the end of the semester and welcome the new lounge in the beginning of the spring 2022 semester if supply chain issues do not hinder construction.