Need housing tips for the next year?

Hayden Flinn

The new year is quickly approaching; that means it is time to start looking for a lease for the upcoming school year. But finding a place to live is not as easy as it sounds. Here are tips to assist in the lease hunt. 

  1. Find roommates – but they don’t necessarily have to be your friends.

While it may sound like a sleepover every night, rooming with friends is a potential way to ruin a friendship. When it comes to living together, there is no possible way to determine conflicts that may come between you and your friends. Before finding a roommate, talk to them, and then develop a list of pros and cons for living with that person! 

2. Consider transportation and proximity to campus.

Milledgeville has multiple apartment complexes located close to campus or that provide transportation; that makes transportation easier if you’re a college student. Some of those complexes include College Station Apartments, Magnolia Apartments, and Arcadia on the River Apartments. Milledgeville also has realtor companies where you can rent houses such as Howington and Burrell Realty, Deep South Realty, and Fickling and Company Lake Country. If you have reliable transportation, that will broaden your places to live. Many apartment complexes also offer transportation for their residents. 

3. Tour before you sign a lease. 

Don’t trust what is on the website of the realtor company or apartment complex. They will put their best foot forward. It is important to understand where you will be living and what condition the property is in before signing a lease. When touring, check for: 

  • Water damage, mold and mildew 
  • Check the faucets for good water pressure
  • The locks on the doors
  • The noise level in and around your potential housing

“Parts of my bathroom had water droplets running down the wall with no water running in the house,” said GC sophomore Prana Maldonado Collins. “Make sure to read the lease because a lot of times there’s stuff hidden in there that will end up impacting you later.”

4. Pay attention when you read the lease.

Note what utilities are included and not included. Collins experienced several more problems with her property than expected. 

“In the lease make sure it says repairs are included because if you have to pay for your own repairs then you’re screwed,” Collins said.

Once you find the place you want to live, sign the lease as quickly as possible! Make a list of must-haves, and stick to it; it will pay off in the end!