Mock Westminster Dog Show

Katie Futch

The animal shelter organizations at GC held the Annual Mock Westminster Dog Show last week. ARF and Friends, along with GC Shelter Buddies, strutted the shelter dogs down the red carpet. It took place at the field between Napier and Wells Hall. The show’s goal was to raise awareness and funds for the Milledgeville Animal Rescue Foundation and the Baldwin County Animal Shelter. 


Sarah Cochrane, the president of ARF and Friends, deemed the dog show a success. She has been the president since May of 2020 and is also an employee at the Milledgeville Animal Rescue Foundation. 


“ARFF hosts our dog shows to help promote our adoptable dogs and cats. We also try to raise funds for the shelter. But overall, it’s a good way to have fun!” Cochrane said. “The show gets more successful each year and we try to learn from past mistakes to provide an even better show. What I enjoyed most was having a set area to decorate things and having good equipment and having such fun commentators for the animals.” 


The show began when Kate Bennet, the vice president of ARF and Friends, welcomed the crowd. Shortly after, the dogs flaunted their fluff down the red carpet, being led by volunteer handlers. Halfway through the show, they held a costume contest. 


ARF and Friends dressed their dogs in the spirit of the spooky season. Ace, a two-year-old husky mix, along with Doodles, a retriever mix puppy, paraded a ferocious dragon costume down the runway. GC Shelter Buddies dressed their dogs for the upcoming Christmas season. One of the contestants, Maverick, was dressed as a gingerbread man. The winner of the costume contest was the adorable Doodles. 


“This was the first time we have ever collaborated with GC Shelter Buddies so that was super special to be able to work with their exec. team and come up with such an amazing event,” Bennet said. 


The time came to crown the winner of the Mock Westminster Dog Show; it was up to the audience to decide who deserved the title of “Best dog in show.” It was their responsibility to text one name from each shelter to determine the winner. 


Once again, Doodles took the crown for ARF and Friends. Muffin, a Pitbull and Labrador retriever mix, had her share of adoring fans and was proclaimed the winner for GC Shelter Buddies. 


After the show, the crowd rushed to meet the dogs. There was a picture booth, and potential adopters got to know the dogs’ personalities better. 


“We have had 99% of our dogs be adopted every single time, so I would say it is pretty successful,” Bennet said. 


Cochrane said that she was glad they could pull off another successful show. She is motivated by her love for the dogs and the Milledgeville Animal Rescue Foundation’s mission. 

“ARFF has been amazing for me and I love the shelter so much, the animals and people I’ve met throughout the past 2 years have been amazing,” Cochrane said.