Updates on PRSSA

Fall 2021


What is PRSA?

PRSSA will be working with many organizations in the coming semester/the rest of Fall 2021. PRSSA has partnered with Campus Corner/The Office of Sustainability to provide professional clothing at the headshot event on October 22!


PRSSA has its own on-campus PR agency named Spectrum PR. The organization is currently working with the GCSU Pride Alliance to advertise upcoming events such as the Drag Show (November 11).

PRSSA is currently doing classroom drop-ins! PRSSA is stopping by first-year classes to help people choose the right major and pathway they’d like to study. The drop-ins are not just in first-year classes, but rather any mass communication class. PRSSA hopes to bridge into more marketing classes too.

If you see PRSSA, please say hello! They are giving a short presentation at these sessions, timing out at around 10-15 minutes.