Outdoor Center Springs Back


Raleigh Hutchison | News Editor

GC’s Outdoor Center is a hidden gem among the rest of Milledgeville. Despite the
pandemic the Outdoor Center has found a way to continue inspiring student’s outdoor adventures
while promoting health and safety.

Students in need of destressing can relax at events hosted by the Outdoor Center or take a
walk on East Campus around the beautiful Lake Laurel.

This semester GC Outdoor’s Center has hosted a number of events including kayaking,
canoeing, river cleanups and team building activities. Billy Copeland, Outdoor Center Assistant
Director, guides students on the adventures teaching them life skills along the way.

Copeland said a huge lesson gained through Outdoor Center activities is communication.

In urgent situations, such as canoeing or backpacking, students need to know how to
communicate eloquently and purposefully to their teammates.

Students also learn about trusting themselves and their abilities through activities like
Tango Tower, an obstacle course that tests the mental and physical strength of students.

Although group activities are ending with the semester’s close. Students are always
invited to East Campus, located down Lake Laurel Road just off East Hancock. Here they can
log onto the open wifi and do homework with a stunning view, hang their enos between any of
the countless trees, or take a walk around the lake admiring the beauty.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, student engagement has been difficult but Copeland
perseveres by marketing to students and encouraging word of mouth advertising from veteran
attendees. With the upcoming return to normalcy, the Outdoor Center is looking forward to
providing transportation and larger events again.

To make up for lost events, every Friday the Outdoor Center Instagram, found
@gcoutdoorcenter, celebrates “Fresh Air Friday” by posting a new spot around Milledgeville for
students to hike, picnic or adventure.

To get involved with the outdoor center next fall visit https://www.gcsu.edu/outdoor or
contact them directly at o[email protected].