First Taste: Goodie Gallery


Bailey Clark | Staff Writer

First Taste: Goodie Gallery

Trying to choose the best place in town for cheesecake? Well look no further because Goodie Gallery is the place to be. The Goodie Gallery is a true Milledgeville treasure located at 812 N. Columbia Street.

The Gallery has been open in the same location for the past 40 years. It’s a classic here in Milledgeville. They offer baked goods, as well as a variety of subs, sandwiches, wraps and chicken salad.

Alex Moore, a senior exercise science major, decided to head on over and try the most popular item on the menu. The manager noted that the chicken salad and the cheesecake were their best sellers. Moore decided to satisfy her sweet tooth and try the cheesecake.

Moore took one look at it and stated that it appeared to have an overwhelming amount of cream cheese. After taking a bite of it, Moore was blown away.

“This is the best cheesecake I have ever had,” said Moore. “It was just the right amount and I would a hundred percent get this again.”

The manager noted that they make all of their food and baked goods using recipes from the owners cookbook. The infamous chicken salad is made fresh in house each day.

“First we bake the chicken then we mix in mayonnaise, eggs, celery, celery seed as well as bell peppers and onions,” said the store manager.

The Goodie Gallery set up is perfect. The baked goods are perfectly lined up for customers to see right when they walk in. The first case contains cheesecakes and carrot cake. The cheesecake bites caught Moore’s eye, which are miniature cheesecakes topped with cream cheese, caramel drizzle and pecans.

The shop offers several flavors of cookies, including the classic chocolate chip which is loaded with sweet chocolate morsels and the popular M&M and sugar cookies that are pleasing to both the eye and the mouth.

The third case contains the perfectly-baked donuts and cookies. The restaurant offers several flavors including glazed, blueberry and chocolate. Moore stated that these donuts looked fresh, and explained that they looked like they would melt in your mouth. The cupcakes vary in flavor as well with different varieties of chocolate and vanilla.


“My sister was the one who told me about the Goodie Gallery,” said Ava Reardon, a freshman undeclared major. “They have the best wraps and their donuts are really good. I love how close it is to campus. Also, I would have never expected their food to be as good as it is.”

The subs, wraps, sandwiches and other food they serve are made to order. They make them fresh right before they are served which make them that much better.

“The buffalo chicken wrap is the best,” Reardon said. “But the chicken caesar is a close second.”

During Moore’s visit, there were several customers who ordered hot subs. They serve them in styrofoam togo boxes bagged with the receipt stapled to the bag.

The Goodie Gallery is very inconspicuous and is a true hidden gem of Milledgeville. It sits in front of the Citgo on North Columbia Street, and is open Monday through Saturday from 10 A.M. to 8 P.M.