Reoccuring Vandalism to GCSU Sign

Raleigh Hutchison | News Editor

Reoccuring Vandalism to GCSU Sign

The Georgia College and State University welcome sign at the corner of Clark and
Montgomery Streets was vandalized once again at the end of March. Dr. Shawn Brooks, of the Office of Student Affairs, emailed students on March 29, asking that students involved report information or return the letters.

“These letters are specially-ordered and cut for that sign and are quite expensive. With shipping and labor, the cost of the repair is sufficient to classify the vandalism as a felony.

In addition, if the responsible party is a GC student, the act would constitute an Honor Code violation.” Brooks said in an email to students.

Following this statement, Brooks explained that if the letters were returned by the end of that week no questions would be asked, but if not the police would be asked to identify faces in the security cameras and press charges.

Brittiny Johnson informed the Colonnade that the most of the letters have been returned. But since this vandalism has happened previously the office has extra letters with spare ones to keep the sign professional for the community.

In May of 2019 the ‘G,’ ‘C,’ ‘S,’ and ‘U’ letters were stolen from the sign. In the email Shawn Brooks offered compensation to students who shared information concerning the felony to the school.

“We will be offering a $500 reward for information leading to the identification of the person(s) responsible. If your information leads to an arrest, arrangements will be made to pay the reward,” the 2019 email stated.

GC is no longer offering compensation for information but nonetheless asked students to report information by visiting 206 Parks Hall or emailing Shawn Brooks directly.