Battle of the Liquor Stores


Molly Layne | Assistant A&L Editor

Milledgeville will never have a shortage of liquor — that’s a fact. With several package stores in town, it’s hard for the fine upstanding residents of Milledgeville to decide who to throw their money at weekend after weekend. With the array of options, what truly is the best liquor store in town?

According to a recent survey put out to students by The Colonnade, 47% of respondents favored Milly Package, 28% preferred Tipsy’s and 25% chose Gil’s as their favorite liquor store.

For years, Gil’s Package and Tipsy’s Liquor Store have been frequented by both college students and locals. They are known for their wide selection of liquor, wine and craft beers.

Gil’s is located at 2910 Heritage Place, which is situated directly between GC and Lake Sinclair.

“Gil’s is definitely the best liquor store in town,” said Molly Howell, a senior MIS major. “They have the best selection of liquor, and I love their rewards system. I’ve won t-shirts and have even gotten money off of my purchase.”

GC students favor Gil’s rewards because who doesn’t love getting cheap liquor for even cheaper?

“Burnette’s Vodka is my favorite,” Howell said. “Sometimes it’s hard to find, but I know Gil’s will always have it.”

Tipsy’s, located at 1887 N. Columbia Street, is in the midst of the hustle and bustle of North Columbia Street, and is a great spot to stop by on the go.

“Tipsy’s is my favorite,” said Owen Duroe, a senior marketing major. “It’s in a great location. It’s right next to Cookout so I usually can hit those two together. Also, they have a great selection and they always have kegs.”

Tipsy’s has a wide variety of wine, which is a popular stop for Bachelor Mondays and Wine Wednesdays. Their beer and liquor selections are hard to beat, and they even have many choices of cigars.

In the fall of 2020, Milly Package opened their doors at 917 N. Columbia St. and gained popularity among both GC students and Milledgeville locals.

“My favorite liquor store is Milly Package,” said Chris Finazzo, a senior marketing major. “The best part about going is seeing my buddy Winn Maxey working at the front counter. Oftentimes after a long day of school and work, I find myself there.”

Many GC students are employees at Milly Package, which is an advantage when bringing in customers.

“We set ourselves apart with our excellent customer service,” said Robert Story, a senior management major and Milly Package employee. “We talk to every customer that walks in the door and always make sure that our customers are satisfied. We make relationships with our customers and they always want to come back.”

Pregaming is a must for college students so that they can spend less money on drinks downtown. Having three popular liquor stores in town helps save their pockets, and ensures that they will always have a good time.

No matter where you shop at, most all can agree that the three stores share the same goal: keeping their customers happy and buzzed.