Tom and Aaron vs. Time

Autumn Arnette

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have caught the attention of NFL fans this season due to their uncharacteristic performances. On and off the field, Brady and Rodgers have reacted poorly in their recent losses.

Many would consider these players to be among the greatest of all time, but because of what their season has looked like, these leaders of offenses seem to be going nowhere.

Tom Brady, 45, has struggled noticeably for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season. Outside of being a successful QB, Brady has endured more within his personal life in the last few months.

Even at the age that Brady is, fans expected his typical top-tier performance once he decided to return from retirement. After Brady took time away from the team during training camp, missed walk-throughs and tended to his personal life, the QB isn’t performing like he used to.

The Buccaneers’ recent losses cannot all be pinned on the lack of Brady’s performance. Some of his most significant issues revolve around the lack of offensive weapons.

Brady said, “The team’s effort on gameday is the most embarrassing part of our team.”

On multiple occasions, Brady has answered questions regarding potential retirement in the middle of the season. To himself, he has zero regrets about playing again, and retirement is the last thing on his mind.

“Brady has been an outstanding player for too long,” said Carson Cale, a junior marketing major. “I do believe that his age is catching up to him. There are much more valuable QBs younger than him with capabilities to be better than him.”

For Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, their season has also fallen short of being successful. The Packers have a losing record seven games into a season for the first time since Rodgers became the starter.

To fans, Rodgers has exacerbated their situation with bad body language and an uninterested mentality.

Spear Celaya, a sophomore business major, said, “His attitude has taken over the season for him. He truly plays like he is still practicing.”

According to the Packers’ statistics, Rodgers is completing just 26.7 percent of his passes of 20 yards, and the team is averaging 17.8 points per game, the lowest scoring six-game stretch of Rodgers career.

Like Brady, Aaron Rodgers frequently missed off-season practices which inevitably affected how he plays with the team.

In recent interviews, Rodgers has expressed concerns for the team by saying, “Guys who are making too many mistakes shouldn’t be playing.”

“The minute that Rodgers gave coaching advice is the minute I knew he should retire,” said sophomore management information systems major, Sam Hutto. “Playing is not in his best interest.”

Players like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are not the first QB’s to make it this long in the league. At the age that they are now, ego and ability are two of their biggest contenders.

Matthew Leo, a senior business major, said, “Their recent time on the field has shown that their career will end soon.”

As the NFL approaches the second half of the season, Brady and Rodgers still have time to turn their seasons around, and fans all across the league are curious to see how these seasoned veterans will do in the final stretch.