KD Can’t Lose

For years, the Kappa Delta sorority has wowed students with a homecoming campaign that’s more than meets the eye


Charlotte Joiner, Contributing Writer

For several years now GC’s Kappa Delta chapter has put its best marketing efforts forth to ensure a successful homecoming campaign. This year, their hard work paid off again as sisters Alyssa Borko and Sydney Bates won queen and duchess respectively.

To the untrained eye, it may appear as though KD’s campaign is run on enthusiasm and the zealous love of sisterhood, but the sophistication and attention to detail goes beyond what many may realize.

“They pay a lot of attention to graphic design,” said Amanda Respess, professor of strategic communication. “Then they make sure that it has creative continuity across all channels so when you see their banners, signs across campus and social media, there’s consistency—you have no doubt when you see a KD message that it’s a KD message.”

Mackenzie Pickle, sophomore VP of recruitment and marketing for KD, has been hard at work strategizing KD’s homecoming campaign since November. Expectations bring pressure which Pickle finds both demanding and rewarding.

“It’s been a long time coming, and February 14 when we could finally show everyone what we had been doing, it was another big milestone for us,” Pickle said. “It was definitely a collaborative effort. Win or lose, we’ve made new friends and been able to connect with other Greek-life which has been awesome.”

Borko, GC Homecoming Queen, has been in Pickle’s shoes having run KD’s campaign herself in previous years. Borko notes that it’s given her a well-rounded perspective now serving as the queen nominee.

“It was a full-circle moment,” Borko said. “I’ve been on homecoming committee and then I’ve run homecoming for two years, so I’m kind of on the other end of it. I’ve been the person behind the camera and behind all the plans. It’s a really special moment to be now representing these girls that I was working with previously.”

KD’s marketing prowess goes beyond traditional tabling and signs around campus. Borko notes that one of their best strategies has been to pass out soda cans with tags tied to them showing pictures of their nominees.

In addition to the social media posts and on-campus promos, KD partnered with Olde Tyme Hotdog Stand to give a 15% discount when customers show them their infographic.

“That makes a positive association between getting a good deal on something and KD and you’re like ‘hey that makes me like them more,’” Respess said. “They were using all the tools in the integrated marketing communication toolbox; in-person selling, paid placements with signs, tabling, sales promotion, digital.”

Bates, GC Homecoming Duchess and marketing major, said her marketing classes have taught her effective strategies for targeting their niche of GC students.

“Specifically my consumer behavior class—I’ve noticed that since homecoming all of it has come together,” Bates said.

The curriculum’s focus on how to target a consumer has made a positive impact on the campaign. Bates notes that it’s been an interesting challenge marketing people to people instead of products to people.

Bates explained that because KD has a winning streak, people are more likely to vote for them. To the KD’s, having a good reputation is everything.

KD’s winning strategy likely isn’t going anywhere, so other organizations will have to adapt their campaigns if they hope to be successful.

“Well I know for a fact KD has lots of marketing and mass comm majors, so they’re putting into practice what they’ve learned,” Respess said. “I think the other organizations should put communication people in charge of this because they understand those tools and tactics.”