Spring has Sprung


Spring has sprung
Ryan Robichaud

As the season begins to change in Milledgeville, so do the activities GC students enjoy.
Warmer weather makes it more enjoyable for students to be outside and engage in more

Front campus is a popular spot for COVID-friendly gatherings where you’ll find students
playing spikeball and throwing the frisbee.

“It’s been really nice weather lately, which makes it much more enjoyable for my friends
and I to do things outdoors,” said Drew Bogumill, a freshman marketing major. “Also, it has
been much nicer walking to class in the morning without it being freezing cold.”

Other students have been able to spend time on Lake Sinclair and lay out by the water.

“I went out to the lake last week for the first time since last summer,” said Emma Sbat,
sophomore education major. “It was great to be able to be out in the nicer weather after this
winter has been so cold.”

Fishing has been another popular, yet competitive activity by the water. Many GC students
spend time fishing at West Campus, the Greenway and Lake Sinclair.

“I’ve been going down to the greenway a lot now that the weather has been nice,” said
Palmer Wilson, senior management information systems major. “I love to fish, but
sometimes when it’s cold it is hard to stay out there for a long time. My friend is coming
down in a few weeks and is bringing his boat so that we can go fish out on the lake, so I am
really excited about that.”

Staying active is extremely important during the pandemic, and many have picked up a love
for walking outside. The spring weather is the perfect temperature to hit the road and walk
around town with friends.

“I’ve been going outside a lot lately and I have really enjoyed going on walks with some of
my friends,” said Alex Brand, sophomore public health major. “I’ve also gone to lay out by
the reflection pool with my friends.”

Golf has gained popularity among GC students as the temperature rises. Michael Zacharary,
junior exercise science major, stated how much he loves to spend time on the course with

“I love to play golf, especially since the weather has been so nice lately. I also work at a golf
course and it’s much nicer being outside all day when the weather is like it is now,”
Zacharary said.

With late spring intramurals starting this month, many students have been seen playing
sports and warming up for the season at West Campus.

“I have been going out to the intramural fields out West Campus and playing softball and
football with some of my friends,” said James Flores, senior management major. “We are
excited to be able to play intramurals soon. I also have been going and running around the

Overall, it seems that the changing of seasons is making a big impact on the lives of GC
students. The warmer weather is allowing GC students to engage outdoor activities and it
seems that they could not be happier about it. Morale is high, and the Bobcats are excited
that the weather is moving in the right direction.