Students Write, Film and Produce a Play in Seven Days


By Ryan Robichaud

The Department of Theatre and Dance recently teamed up with the Department of Mass
Communication to produce the “7 Day Plays”. This collaboration consisted of three original 10
minute plays created by GC undergraduate students. The students within the departments wrote,
directed, performed and filmed the plays, doing so in just seven days.

“COVID-19 hasn’t been friendly to many of us,” said Angela Criscoe, assistant professor of
communication. “However, as we saw in the media industry, television didn’t stop. Instead, they
found ways to work at a distance, create production protocols for safety and produce content that
still reached their target audiences.”

The students within the departments started this impressive task by doing virtual auditions,
where they were able to collaborate and share ideas of costume pieces and props.

Within the next day the playwrights were able to write and finalize the scripts for the play. These
scripts were then given to the directors, where they were able to see who would be a part of their

On the following Monday evening, the casts began rehearsals, which took two hours each
evening. The rehearsals continued until filming began on Thursday. The filming, which was done
in one take, was finished on Friday and uploaded for the public to view on Saturday evening at 7
P.M. This was a very impressive feat to accomplish in the amount of time that it was finished in.

According to GC Front Page, “Film students incorporated the use of 360 video techniques, along
with traditional videography. This experience gave Criscoe’s students valuable skills and know-how
for producing quality content during a pandemic. It allowed theatre students to continue their craft
and learn new film processes, as well.”

This was the first time the departments have put on the “7 Day Plays”. In the past, they have
produced “24 Hour Plays”, but due to the pandemic, it was not possible and was revised into the
“7 Day Plays”.

“Typically, the department would do the 24 Hour Plays, but due to the nature of that project, it
wasn’t feasible with covid and the need to socially distance and film the plays.” said Interim
Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance Professor Eric Griffis. “We revised the process
from 24 hours to write, rehearse, and perform a new short play to 7 days to write, rehearse, film,
and edit. This allowed us to work in smaller groups with appropriate distancing and allow some
time for the editing process.”


There were three separate plays that were performed. The first was “Pants of the Holy Spirit,”
which was written by Anna Cagle. This play focused on a desperate man running from the police
after stealing a painting, after some unfortunate events happened in his past.

The second play featured was “Vaxxed” by Mary Morgan Collier, focused on a man visiting two
woman in the pandemic. The man claims he is safe to be around after a sketchy encounter in
which he is vaccinated.

The final play, “Curious Oddities and Astonishing Flourishes” was written by Ashlyn Simmons.
The performance focuses on a couple that goes to a museum with curious items and an
interesting guide.

Both of the departments put on a great performance, especially in the amount of time that they
were put together. All of these plays can be found at