Over Half a Million Dollars for Low Income Students


By Ryan Robichaud

Students involved in chemistry and physics will be eligible to receive money after a grant of over
half a million dollars was given to GC. The grant was named “increasing graduation rates of
undergraduate chemistry and physics majors by connecting college to careers” and is the largest
grant ever given to GC by the National Science Foundation. The school received the grant
because of the history of GC students being interactive early on in their careers and also having
higher graduation and retention rates than others.

The grant given by the NSF is designed to help some of GC’s low income students who are
academically talented in the fields of chemistry and physics. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,
lots of college students have been affected financially.

This grant given to GC will be extremely impactful to the students that receive approval to get
the financial compensation. Dr Mills told GC Front Page, “at the core of this goal is creating an
environment that is welcoming, supportive and inclusive of all students.”

An amount of 650,000 dollars has been given to GC through this grant which will be used for
multiple purposes in the science department. “More than 65 percent of funds will directly benefit
students by offsetting their education costs,” Dr. Chavonda Mills, chair of chemistry, physics
and astronomy told GC Front Page.

This amount going to the students will significantly impact those with low income financial
situations. The grant will also be used for activities that will help increase the graduation rates of
GC students in the fields of Chemistry and Physics.

Students and professors directly involved in the chemistry and physics departments have many
reasons to be excited with this grant given to GC.

“One reason I’m excited about receiving this grant is it validates the work we have already done
in several aspects of this program, including recruitment, undergraduate research and career
placement which built a trust with NSF that we are well-prepared to manage the program,” Dr.
Mahabaduge told GC Front Page.

Dr. Flores of the chemistry department also told GC Front Page, “I’m excited about this
endeavor from a recruitment and retention standpoint. We will be able to offer unique
experiences, as well as support, to students who show financial need and recruit them. This will
enhance the diversity of our chemistry and physics programs and the university in general.”

Overall, it seems that the GC department of chemistry and physics will be trending in a great
direction following this generous grant. Not every school will receive this funding.

The impact that this will have on the university will be extremely powerful in the ways that it
will help low income students. The grant was designed to help the college and low income
students and it seems that it will accomplish this goal.