Getting Shamrocked this St. Patrick’s Day – but make it during a Pandemic


By Lilyana Kovacheva

Saint Patrick’s Day: a day for celebration, wearing green, and four-leafed clovers.
Originating in Ireland, the holiday has spread all around the world to even the smallest corners,
including Milledgeville.

Some cities, like Savannah, go above and beyond in celebrating St. Patty’s. The city goes as far
as to dye their river green. Sadly, this year is Savannah’s second year in a row without their St.
Patrick’s Day Parade.

Many have abandoned their typical celebrations in an effort to stay safe during the pandemic.

“Sadly, I did not get the opportunity to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year,” said Kenyonna
McClain, junior political science major. COVID is still affecting a lot of people, including some
of my own family members, but before the COVID-19 takeover, my hometown best friends and
I would take a trip to Savannah to celebrate.”

McClain and other GC students chose to safely celebrate the holiday by social distancing.
“If me staying inside helps stop the spread, that’s what I’m obligated to do,” McClain said. “I
still wore my green in honor of not being able to go down to Savannah and hopefully this time
next year I’ll be able to.”

“In the past, I have celebrated it,” said Daniel Bracken, business administration major. “In grade
school, I dressed up every year. I don’t really have any other traditions, we don’t do much for St.

The pandemic dampens many spirits, however, GC continues to persevere and celebrate safely.
Downtown Milledgeville buzzed in all its green excitement in their preparation for the
celebration. Restaurants offered their patrons a variety of drink specialties during St. Patrick’s
Day festivities.

Amici offered a St. Patty’s deal on their drinks. One could order five dollar car bombs, Buskers
Irish Shots and other specials on Jameson drinks at the downtown bar.

Buffington’s held all-day drink specials, including its seven dollar ‘Sour Shamrock Cocktail’ and
Irish Mudslides.


If not attending the downtown festivities, students made their own fun.


“We didn’t do anything fun this year, sadly,” said Gabriella Gramoglia, nursing major. “My
roommates and I stayed in and decided to just make a game from a movie that we were watching. We also baked cupcakes and made them green which was really fun.”