Newly Elected SGA President & VP Share Their Mission


Raleigh Hutchison

The night of Feb. 26 voting polls for GC’s student government executive board closed, electing James Robertson and Grace Singletary as the new president and vice president. Both students ran campaigns to encourage student engagement, promote diversity and expand student awareness of the community.

Robertson, a junior double majoring in political science and economics, has participated in SGA as a senator for two years. He worked with the inclusivity committee and ethos and tradition committee helping to plan homecoming and other events, both committees he admitted to being thoroughly passionate about.

His freshman year Robertson wrote for the Colonnade himself and found it funny to be on the other end of things just a few years later. He also worked as a campus radio analyst for some time but found his most rewarding work in SGA.

Singletary, a sophomore double majoring in political science and criminal justice, called GC the “Goldie Locks” campus. Singletary said it’s not too big, not too small, not too far from home, not too close – GC is just right. Already a member of the Delta Gamma sorority and GC’s honor’s college, Singletary claimed to love being involved in the school community.

With a strong background in theater, Singletary specialized in stage management and event management. Singletary’s leadership work in theater allowed her to learn how to be a peer leader and balance friendships with discipline.

Singletary has previously worked as an SGA senator. She’s worked on the sustainability committee, a committee she said she is very passionate about, and the bobcat link committee, which connects students to resources in the school. As a senator, Singletary got a resolution passed to increase civic engagement and positively affected voter turnout.

Robertson said he ran for president because he recognized that although GC has some really great things, they can be made better. Robertson is an advocate for the Women’s and LGBTQ+ Center and is working to make sure the institution continues to support it. As president Robertson looks forward to participating in all the moving parts of SGA. He recognizes that the senate is the students’ voice and that students have much more control than they realize.

Singletary and Robertson want to inform students on their power. Singletary explained that as VP she desires that students know how to get the most out of their college experience. In a time where it feels like the school is in a holding pattern, Singletary explained, there is plenty the school can do as we creep back towards normalcy.

Singletary admits to being an advocate for rules. Thus as VP she plans to alter and redefine rules, so they create the safest and most excellent school environment. Singletary looks forward to her work as VP because it’s like her theater days, lots of creating and constructing behind-the-scenes. Robertson and Singletary strive for transparency. They want students to know what they stand for, what they’re capable of, and what they’re creating. This transparency will also hold true within SGA. Robertson and Singletary said they will deliver consistent and reliable information to their senate and student body.

As president and VP, Robertson and Singletary are the communicators between the student body and administration. Robertson confirmed that students have lots of power, they just need to reach out to SGA and ask for their support. Robertson and Singletary expressed their excitement to fulfill their own desires for the campus, but recognize their position is simply a megaphone for the student body’s voice and have open ears to the students’ wishes.

Robertson and Singletary are grateful and excited to start their term as GC’s new student government president and vice president.