GC’s Top Streaming Service


With such a wide variety of streaming services to utilize, how does a GC student pick just one?
Around 50 people on campus were asked about their favorite streaming services for music, TV
and movies. The students of GC ranked Spotify as the number one music streaming service.
Apple Music and Youtube were ranked numbers two and three. Out of the streaming services for
TV and movies, Netflix ranked the highest over Hulu and HBO Max.

Overall, students prefer Spotify due to its personal experience for its users compared to other
streaming apps. Several students mentioned that Spotify makes each user a daily or weekly
playlist based on their music tastes and previous listening habits. Students who prefer Apple
Music expressed favor for the streaming platform’s lack of ads and discounted price for students.

“Spotify learns your tastes and gives you playlists. It also has playlists made for different moods
or vibes,” said Hannah Hausler, junior biology major.

Although most students prefer Netflix over other TV/movie streaming services, their answers as
to why vary greatly. Rather than paying for a subscription themselves, students often prefer
Netflix because their parents pay for it and share their account among family members. A college
student not wanting to spend money? Weird, right?

GC prefers Netflix due to its variety of shows which tends to have viewers’ favorites.
Nevertheless, students who prefer Hulu fancy its next-day TV streaming service (after shows
stream live on air prior) and its assortment of films.

“I really like Netflix because it has the most stuff to watch and I can find new shows to watch
pretty easily,” said Rachel Wolverton, junior biology major.

One student mentioned they prefer Spotify and Hulu because of their ‘bundle’ partnership. The
bundle allows students to purchase both Hulu and Spotify together for $4.99 a month.

“It’s so much easier and so much cheaper to buy both of them together. Plus, Hulu has my
favorite shows!” said Luke Winstel, sophomore business major.

Surprisingly, the exclusivity of certain content on different streaming services was never
mentioned. Many did not prefer Netflix over Hulu because of ‘Netflix Originals’ and vice versa.

The honorable mention from the music streaming category is Youtube. Students said they prefer
Youtube because it’s free and grants users multiple ways to stream music such as watching music
videos, lyric videos and even audio-only videos. As for TV/movie streaming categories, HBO
Max takes the cake; students in favor of HBO Max said all of its available movies are high
quality. One student specifically mentioned HBO Max’s D.C. movies and how almost all of them
are on there