MPD: ‘No Criminal Activity’ Following an Incident at a Local Drug Store


Jonathan O’Brien | Reporter

(Milledgeville, Ga) — A social media post from a Georgia College student got the attention of many in the community, but a police inquiry finds no criminal intent.

“This was an interaction where one party took it one way, and the camera showed a different view of what happened,” Lt. Everett January with Milledgeville Police tells WGUR Radio.

On Friday, February 12th Caitlin Jeske posted on the popular local Facebook group “Bobcat Exchange” that a woman approached her as she left the CVS Pharmacy on 423 S. Wayne St.

Jeske said the woman was insistent that she look in her car for a cigarette lighter. After telling her that she did not have one, another car pulled up, and a man got out. “I notice him immediately and slam the door,” Jeske wrote. “He immediately throws his hands up and starts talking really loud so I could hear him through the window, ‘I was just trying to talk to you girl.’’’ She then drove away.

“In her interpretation of what was going on, it scared her,” Lt. January said. Investigators reviewed security footage from the area and determined that the three interactions were unrelated.

According to January, “The lady had actually been walking up and down the road for about an hour and a half before the incident even occurred,” The men saw Jeske while they were at a red light and did not appear to be aggressive when they walked up to her vehicle.

Jeske did not initially report the incident to the police. They were made aware thanks to the Facebook post. Lt. January says while they appreciate community involvement, if something makes you feel uncomfortable, your first call should be to law enforcement.

“We’ll be more than happy to get an officer to the area,” January adds. “If something’s going on, then we squash it; if nothing’s going on, then we can backtrack and look into things.”

The non-emergency line for Milledgeville Police is (478) 414-4090.