The Crazy Chic


Milledgeville’s newest chicken joint, The Crazy Chic, is rising in popularity among both students
and locals. With competitive prices and tastes, it’s a place people can’t resist going back to.

GC student Emily Anderson, a sophomore pre-nursing major, decided to test the rumors and try
The Crazy Chic for herself. Anderson’s go-to places for chicken strips are usually chain
restaurants, so she was excited to try something new and local.

Opening up the box, there was an immediate waft of smells that made Anderson excited to dig
in. Nestled in the box was their famed chicken strips, fries, toast, cole slaw and their special
Crazy Chic sauce.

“The smells mixed together in an appetizing way while the foods were separated from each
other,” Anderson said. “For a person who does not like her food touching each other, this was
an immediate plus.”

At the first bite, she loved the crispiness of the chicken strip while the toast was warm and
buttery. She wasn’t the biggest fan of the fries as she noted that they did not have any flavor or
seasoning. She did, though, make a point to highlight the taste of the coleslaw and sauce that
added to the uniqueness of this restaurant.

“The taste, overall, was nothing special,” Anderson said. “While they were crispy and flavorful, it
tasted similar to other chicken strips that she has had previously. What the food lacked in
flavour, the sauce and coleslaw made up for it.”

Though Anderson might not become a regular to The Crazy Chic, there are many who are
frequent visitors. Mary Grace Whitlark, a sophomore exercise science major, finds herself
craving it at least every other day. Whitlark states that the Crazy Chic’s chicken strip sandwich is
what keeps her coming back.

“Personally, I feel Crazy Chic’s chicken strip sandwich is the best chicken sandwich in
Milledgeville,” Whitlark said. “The sauce is incredible! There have been times when I’ve been
the first person at their opening hours to get the sandwich.”

The Crazy Chic’s sauce is a staple that makes the restaurant stand out, and restaurant owner,
Michael Taylor, prides himself on the recipe. Only him and two others know the secret recipe
which adds to the distinction of this restaurant from others in Milledgeville.

“What makes The Crazy Chic notable is the quality, cleanliness, and fast service,” Taylor said.

Taylor and the restaurant alike pride themselves on their competitive prices and flavor. Their
service is known to be quick in-and-out. Taylor states out that this is a regular occurrence, and
that their ticket time is less than three minutes which, in comparison to other restaurants in
Milledgeville, is competitive in the best way.

The employees themselves are outstanding. Mary Grace noted that the people that work there
are part of the reason she keeps going back.

“The people who work there are so nice and make going back always a wonderful time,”
Whitlark said.

It is notable to add that all of the food, other than the fries, are fresh, being prepped and made
in-house daily. Currently, only the drive-thru is open, but with the quality of food, service, and
employees, it’s worth the trip to this stand-out restaurant.