GC Soars in Academic Ranking


GC received high rankings and recognition across the board in the 2021 publication of the U.S. News and World Report. According to Dr. Costas Spirou, VP and Provost of Academic Affairs, it’s all because of the facility’s dedication to providing an incredible and close-knit learning experience for the students. 

GC’s business major placed 17th in the nation as “Best Online Graduate Business Programs.” U.S. News & World Report named the nursing program 27th in the nation and Registered Nursing.org named it first in the state, a consistently high ranking according to Dr. Spiriou. 

Developments are underway for GC pharmacy students to collaborate with UGA, Auburn University, and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine to strengthen GC grads. The new Integrated Science Complex intends to help growth as well. It will provide STEM research and create a beautiful addition to the science intersection of North Wilkinson Street and West Montgomery Street. These accomplishments allow for expansive opportunities for nursing, biology and environmental science students and faculty. 

Regionally, GC was named the fourth Most Innovation School by the U.S. News & Report. By the Princeton Review GC was named one of the Best Southeastern Colleges in 2020. These are massive accomplishments for GC. Dr. Spirou said that all these awards and rankings are nearly proof that GC’s engaging style of education through a small student to teacher ratio creates a bright student body and attractive environment. 

Prospective students approach GC and see so much more than just the awards. Dr. Spirou notes how GC’s beautifully lush campus and committed faculty members are all very enticing. The awards and accomplishments are simply one part of the larger set of considerations, Dr. Spiriou said. 

But according to Dr. Spirou one of the biggest accomplishments of GC was the AURA Award that was recently announced on the 16th. To Dr. Spirou’s knowledge GC is the only school in the state recognized with an AURA, Award of Undergraduate Research Accomplishments. 

This award recognizes the hard work and dedication of GC faculty members to create a strong research facility in a smaller school. Receiving the AURA recognition confirms that GC has well constructed research programs that provide high quality experiences for undergraduate students. 

None of this happened overnight, which Dr. Spirous makes clear. Each year GC sets goals, small and large, to help them stay ahead in the ever changing world of higher education. In the past year GC has added two institutes including the Rural Studies Institute and the Andalusia Institute.

Dr. Spirou looks forward to seeing these newly planted institutions flourish and create their own name in the GC community. 

As GC continues to grow and flourish Dr. Spirou always returns the compliments to the amazing faculty and staff that allow for the school to soar among the rest while never falling far from their roots.