New Years Resolutions: one month in


Charlotte C. Joiner

The unpredictability of 2020 has made it more important than ever to establish goals for this new year. You may feel that the pandemic has put your life on pause, but with this pause comes a time to create new, healthier habits.

As students were determined to make 2021 their year, some chose to focus on their physical health and others hone in on their mental health.

“My New Years resolution was to finally start being positive and not letting my anxiety get in the way of me being happy,” said Sydney Homan, freshman undeclared major.

Homan also stated that she has kept up with her resolution.

“I can happily say that I have done a very good job trying to keep up with my resolution of being positive and being happy because I am finally able to feel happiness within myself, and that is something I haven’t felt in a very long time,” Homan said.

Freshman business management major, Magnus Koeninger, has made the effort to set goals for his physical health.

“My New Year’s resolution was to strive towards my goals each and every day,” Koeninger said. “I told myself that I wanted to do at least one thing per day that got me closer to them. This ‘goal’ is different for everyone however, mine was to expand my business as much as I can, get my personal training license and one day open my own gym for fun.”

Joiner 1

Koeninger added that this mindset allows him to stay on track and consistently motivate him, no matter how far out the goal.

In the past month, Koeninger has achieved becoming a certified health coach. Though both his homework and professional life can be tough to balance, he never loses sight of his objectives.

“I am addicted to that feeling [of helping others] and want to try and reach as many people as I can that need my help. I continue to do at least ‘one thing per day’ to get me closer to my goals, and it has made 2021 start off with a bang,” Koeninger said.

Some students chose to focus on bettering both their mental and physical health.

“I know personally that staying busy and productive is when I do and feel my best. So far this year, the night before a new day, I plan out my whole day,” said an anonymous student. “Because of how this improves my overall mood and mental health, I think it’s definitely something I will continue to do throughout the year.”

Though the pandemic has had an impact on us all, the optimism heard in the voices of students show that positivity remains during tough times. By setting goals for 2021, we can focus on the positives: leading us into a more successful new year.