GC Baseball Practicing with New Dynamic 


By: Ford Stroup

The GC Athletic department finally had an announcement that did not involve a cancellation or postponement this week. GC Athletics began team practices and activities for the first time since March when the pandemic hit. The GC baseball and softball teams are now able to increase their offseason workout hours and get back to their regular off-season activities. Many students and passerbys of West Campus suspected this as the playing fields have seen increased action in recent weeks at the playing fields. However, an interesting dynamic is that GC baseball currently does not have a head coach and is under the supervision of softball head coach, Jamie Grodecki.

“We just began full team practices with social distancing this week,” Grodecki said. “Since the baseball team is in search of a coach, I’ve kind of been like the general manager overseeing both teams.”              Although Grodecki has been put in this difficult position, she is relieved to have a leadership council, on both teams, consisting of a series of captains that lead workouts. Prior to this week, athletic teams were limited to eight hours per week, meaning four hours of fieldwork and four hours in the weight room. However, full team practices now allow for fifteen hours per week and permit more hands-on training.

“There are still restrictions with wearing masks and social distancing during practice, but being able to get more guys out on the field is better,” said Cash Young, senior shortstop. “We’re a little bit behind the curve with other PBC schools being able to practice, but we will now be practicing for the rest of the


Grodecki indicated that this will be the extent of practices for this semester. Teams will still have to enforce COVID-19 protocols,  nonetheless, they are excited to continue to build their team chemistry.

While the baseball head coaching search is still in question, the team has taken initiative to be accountable for one another. The team is making sure everyone is on top of their game. Whether it be by doing their own workouts or the ones suggested by coach Grodecki and assistant athletic trainer Jake Glazer, the players have been doing everything expected of them and more.

“The baseball team has been impressive,” Grodecki said.  “We are very fortunate to have such great leadership. Our leaders have been very self-sufficient.”

This baseball season is scheduled to begin in February. There is no indication on when a new head coach will be hired. However, the team is putting in the work on their own and Grodecki’s sentiments have the drive to keep their workout regimens up.