Top Apartment Complexes in Milly


Oh, the joys of finding and signing a lease. With a multitude of apartment complexes in Milly, students are often left overwhelmed with living options. Leasing deadlines, apartment size and location are just a few of the determining factors when deciding where to live. So what are the benefits and downsides to each? According to a survey specifically designed for GC students, these are the top 10 apartment complexes in Milly ranked worst to best.




“West campus is the worst because it is extremely overpriced, gross and super far away,” said an anonymous student. “Only way people live there is because sorority girls are forced to live there.”

According to GC’s website, The Village Apartments are close enough to be convenient, but far enough away for students to stretch out and enjoy themselves. The Village is based on a simple philosophy: the perfect balance of apartment living freedom with the security and convenience of University Housing. Incoming freshmen have the option to choose to live in on-campus dorms or The Village. Upperclassmen can also live at The Village but are charged an increased rent. There are 6 Village complexes and sophomore sorority members are required to live at the Sorority LLC.

Although the complex was “designed with today’s student in mind,” many students detest living at The Village due to its location, expensive rent and poor quality. GC Shuttles run all day but many prefer driving to class.

“I hate West Campus,” said another anonymous student. “It’s too expensive and far away.”


Walking distance to campus: 42 minutes


Driving distance to campus: 6 minutes


5-6 month rent for first-year students: $3,328 – $5,228, utilities included

5.5-6 month rent for upperclassmen: $4,428 – $5,726, utilities included


Living space: NA


Amenities: Free laundry, pool, car wash and vacuum area, basketball, tennis and sand volleyball courts, expanded cable TV, shuttle and located next to GC’s Wellness and Recreation Center


Furnished: Yes, fully




“Magnolia is very unreliable,” said an anonymous student. “The only good thing is Mr. Johnny, the morning shift bus driver, and Mark, the head maintenance worker. They both are very nice and do all they can to ensure you’re comfortable and welcomed. Magnolia’s other bus driver is consistently late and misses pick up times. They’ve don’t nothing about it.”

Located at 529 West Bypass Northwest across from GC’s West Campus, Magnolia Park’s rent is cheaper compared to other apartments’ rents. Built in 2006, the complex has upgraded the common areas to have new leather furniture and hardwood style floors. Magnolia Park also has high speed Wifi throughout. Walking to campus is not a viable option for residents, but a shuttle and personal transportation methods are recommended.

According to the survey, Magnolia Park residents are generally unhappy with their living experience. A student resident said they’ve often reported the resident below them, often overhearing domestic violence disputes.

“The management never addressed it or made me feel safe,” said the student. “They do not care about anything but your money. To pay rent online, they charge an extra 20% charge, which is a lot for me. And then to pay in cash, they just make it difficult.”


Walking distance to campus: 37 minutes


Driving distance to campus: 6 minutes


Monthly rent: $556 – $639 per person, utilities included


Living space: 1,062 sq ft. –  1,571 sq ft. (2 to 4 bedroom options)


Amenities: Pets allowed ($250 fee, $25 monthly pet rent, 2 pet limit), business center, clubhouse, tanning salon, fitness center, spa, pool basketball and volleyball courts and gameroom


Furnished: Furnished units available




“Revelry Flats is super weird,” said an anonymous student. “It used to be ‘The Grove’ and it was always trashed and messed up.”

Revelry Flats offers a variety of spacious fully-furnished apartments featuring individual, private bedrooms and bathrooms and spacious walk-in closets. Built in 2003, the complex has experienced management changes and significant upgrades. Revelry Flats often hosts resident events to establish a sense of community.

Although Revelry Flats has experienced frequent changet, many residents are unsatisfied with their living conditions despite lower rent prices.

“Revelry Flats is the worst place to live!” said another student resident. “The people who own it don’t care and if your apartment floods or gets destroyed. Good luck with getting any kind of help.”


Walking distance to campus: 11 minutes


Driving distance to campus: 3 minutes


Monthly rent: $519 per person – $1,200 (3 BRs), utilities included


Living space: 850 sq ft. – 1,200 sq ft.


Amenities: Pets allowed ($250 fee, $30 monthly pet rent, 2 pet limit), fitness center, basketball and volleyball courts and business center/clubhouse


Furnished: Yes




“I’ve lived at The Bellamy and didn’t like the way they communicated and handled maintenance requests,” said a previous student resident.

West of downtown off W. Hancock Street across the street from Central City park, The Bellamy is within walking distance of campus. Every apartment is leased by the bed which means that residents rent a bedroom and share the common space with other roommates.

Although location is convenient, many residents dislike their experience at The Bellamy due to poor living conditions and hidden costs.

“Bellamy is just so underkept and the friends I have had to live there say it is overpriced with hidden costs,” said another anonymous student. “There were so many things messed up when they moved in, that were never fixed.”

Other students said they “did not have a great living experience” and were “not fans” of The Bellamy.


Walking distance to campus: 12 minutes


Driving distance to campus: 2 minutes


Monthly rent: $399 – $650 per person, utilities included


Living space:  817 sq ft. – 1,328 sq ft. (2 to 4 bedroom options)


Amenities: Pets allowed ($275 fee, $20 monthly pet rent, 2 pet limit), fitness center, pool, volleyball court, gameroom, media center, clubhouse, tanning


Furnished: Furnished units available




“I live at college station and absolutely love it here,” said a current resident. Other student residents tend to agree.

Whether residents are looking for affordability or luxury apartments, College Station has a range of student housing floor plans to fit their needs. Located at 501 N Wilkinson St, various, roomy floor plans make the complex “ideal for roommate living.” College Station also offers roommate matching and has the shortest walking distance to campus. Built in 1998, the complex has undergone significant improvements over the years.


Walking distance to campus: 10 minutes


Driving distance to campus: 3 minutes


Monthly rent: $550 – $600 per person, utilities included


Living space: 930 sq ft. – 1,300 sq ft. (luxury flat, 2 to 4 bedrooms options)


Amenities: Pets allowed ($300 fee, 2 pet limit), brand new gym and pool, tanning beds, game roos, study lounge, fitness center, clubhouse and beach volleyball courts


Furnished: No, but dishwasher, stainless steel appliances, microwave and oven included




“Prospect is really nice and really close to campus,” said an anonymous student.

Located at 605 N Columbia St and managed by Corridor Property Management, Prospect includes a resort-style pool, 24-hour fitness center, clubhouse with grilling station and on-site management. They offer three and four bedroom townhouse floor plans. Prospect residents prefer to walk to campus but can drive as well. Prospect residents tend to appreciate its lower rent and well-kept amenities.


Walking distance to campus: 15 minutes


Driving distance to campus: 3 minutes


Monthly rent: $635 – $1,600, utilities included


Living space: 974 sq ft. – 1,251 sq ft. (3  to 4 bedroom options)


Amenities: Pets allowed ($300 fee, 1 pet limit), fitness center and pool


Furnished: No, but oven and stainless steel appliances included




The Baldwin includes 15 apartments ranging in size from a studio apartment to three bedroom apartments (including four loft apartments). One of the targeted tenants for these apartments are students at GCSU. However, these apartments are perfect for anyone wishing to live the urban life. Located at 117 W Hancock Street, the lofts are a part of an adaptive reuse project that turned an old store/office building into two commercial spaces. The Baldwin Lofts offer the shortest walking distance to campus.


Walking distance to campus: 4 minutes


Driving distance to campus: 1 minute


Monthly rent: $600 per person, WIFI/water bill included but power is not


Living space: NA


Amenities: Stainless steel appliances, washer and dryers, secure entry ways, 30×50 central courtyard with outdoor seating, digital cable television, wireless internet


Furnished: No




“Arcadia is the best hands down,” said an anonymous resident. “Cheapest price for a very nice place.”

Located at 120 Pumping Station Rd and built in 2018, Arcadia on the River is an off-campus, amenity filled apartment complex. Although walking to campus is not a preferred method by Arcadia residents, the Arcadia Shuttle and personal transportation methods are viable options. The complex won a plethora of American Living Awards in 2018 and aims to be “a sanctuary for the modern student.” When a pandemic isn’t occurring, Arcadia encourages community and hosts a “thriving calendar of events,” taking advantage of residents’ luxury amenities.

Although residents tend to enjoy their living experience at Arcadia, others note furnishing often “falling apart” and an expensive rent. But maintenance and trained staff “offer an unmatched level of service” and residents tend to enjoy living there.


Walking distance to campus: 30 minutes


Driving distance to campus: 5 minutes


Monthly rent: $529 – $839 per person, utilities included


Living space: 968 sq ft. – 2,149 sq ft. (2 to 6 bedroom options)


Amenities: River access, Arcadia Shuttle, dog park, gated community, outdoor gatherings (fireplaces, gaming and “entertainment arenas”), clubhouse, luxury pool, private exercise facilities, tanning, sauna and pets allowed ($300 fee, $25 monthly pet rent, two pet limit)


Furnished: Yes, fully




“I’ve never lived at The Boulevard but seems like the best choice with most privacy and luxury living compared to others,” said an anonymous student.

Located on West Thomas Street just 2 blocks from campus and walking distance to downtown, The Boulevard is an “exclusive student community” completed fall 2018. Although the complex doesn’t offer amenities, residents live in a modern, furnished space and are often treated with free food such as Chick-Fil-A biscuits, Jimmy John’s sandwiches and pizza.

Residents appreciate living at The Boulevard, but some are upset with overages and “cheap furniture.” Utilities are included, but residents are occasionally overcharged electricity or air-conditioning/heating fees on top of an already pricey rent.


Walking distance to campus: 11-13 minutes


Driving distance to campus: 3 minutes


Monthly rent: $529 – $839 per person


Living space: 1,800 sq ft. – 2,625 sq ft. (4 to 6 bedroom options)


Amenities: Modern living space, short walking distance


Furnished: Yes, fully




“I’ve lived at Station on McIntosh for three years and I think it has the best of all worlds. It’s fully furnished, close to campus and downtown, stylish and affordable,” said a long-time resident.

Station on McIntosh offers 5 bedroom floor plans complete with a private bathroom per bedroom. Residents enjoy a multitude of convenient amenities and planned social activities, strengthening a sense of community. Built in 2016 and located at 311 E McIntosh St, residents have a short walk to campus but can also drive. Station on McIntosh Apartments provides students with resources and the right environments to balance their academic and social lives.

Student residents treasure living at Station on McIntosh, highlighting its caring staff and quality living conditions.

“Station on McIntosh doesn’t feel like an apartment complex. It truly is a community,” said a student resident. “There are so many resident events that keep us all connected and involved. The maintenance man is incredible. I can’t say enough good things about him. The staff is also great! They’re always super friendly and know their residents’ names by heart!”

With nothing but a plethora of accolades and stellar reviews, Station on McIntosh is easily the top apartment complex in Milly.


Walking distance to campus: 11 minutes


Driving distance to campus: 3 minutes


Monthly rent: $539 – $629 per person, utilities included


Living space: 1,617sq ft. (5 bedroom option)


Amenities: Pets allowed ($250 fee, $20 monthly pet rent, 2 pet limit), resort style pool, computer lab with free printing, coffee bar, hammock garden, clubhouse, fitness center, mini-fridges in each bedroom, security systems, weekend golf cart shuttle and cable with 60” TV.


Furnished: Yes